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A post about the iPad…written on an iPad

Time in at 12:25 p.m. Today, I will attempt to write a blog entry on my new iPad. I am trying to do this touch-typing using the on-screen keyboard. I will make no corrections to any of the suggestions that Apple makes to my mistakes. We’ll see how this goes. Who doesn’t like a gimmick?

Earlier this year when family members asked what i wanted for Xmas, I had only one thought. An iPad. They seemed so useful and fun, and vie had a good time with my iPod touch over the pest couple of years. Good call. The iPad is a bunch of fun.

The key thing to get you really hooked on the iPad is it’s ability to serve as a nice game interface. The best, most addicting game is Angry Birds. I’m also digging Scrabble and Risk. Any thoughts on additional games to try let me know.

When I was doing research on thew iPad, I read a lot of negative ore views about it inadequacy as a reading platform. Indeed sales of Kindles and Nooks continue to surge, but I’ve been impressed with the iPad’s Kindle app. I’ve been reading a ton over the last week, and the iPad is great for this, particularly where maps or photos are involved.

Plus, the iPad lets me multi-task. I can watch TV and read the web more effectively.  Sometimes, I watch TV, listen to music and play a game all at the same time. Why?  Because I like to party.

I could write more, but to be honest, the iPad does not work that well wirh WordPress. I’m having to do HTML tagging manually, and this gimmick is wearing off. Well, the awesomeness of an iPad is inversely proportional to the usefulness of this post. The time is now 12:40.

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