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The girl, the bunny and an Easter parable

Since we just got out of the Easter season, and several million folks just made their once-a-year church appearance (you know who you are… sinners), I felt like I needed to tell a story via parable. Here we go.

A kindly old man once gave his granddaughter a beautiful, white bunny as an Easter present. The girl, immediately smitten, was thrilled with the gift, and she spent that entire Easter Sunday playing with her new pet. She smoothed its fur and delicately touched its twitching nose to her own, giggling with delight.

For hours, she stroked and petted the tiny rabbit, and her Grandfather beamed in delight. She sat outside on her swing, holding the bunny and singing it songs, having the most wonderful day of her young life.

Suddenly, an arrogant, heartless man walked up and saw what the little girl was doing. Envious and cold-hearted, the man immediately realized that this level of happiness should not stand.

So, he walked over, slapped the bunny out of her arms and raised his arms in triumph as he left the yard. The girl, sobbing, did her best to recover her pet, who was now scampering away – frightened and alone.

What does this parable teach us? Actually, there’s no real moral, but this is the story of the NCAA Championship tonight. Butler is the feel-good story that everyone has gotten behind – the mid-major school playing in their own backyard and helmed by a 33-year-old “accidental” coach.

Dook, through no fault of their own, is the heartless old man, ready to take that awesome narrative away from us. If Dook wins, it’s a blow to Cinderella stories everywhere, and a slap at the beautiful, innocent ideal that Butler represents.

Go Bulldogs. Don’t let the bastards steal our good time. Win one for all the little schools out there who haven’t had a chance to reach this level. Don’t let them slap the metaphorical bunnies out of our figurative clutches.

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