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SMP 200th post extravaganza (an all-clip episode)

Remember those classic sitcom episodes when the writers just get lazy and show old clips around a bare minimum of new content?  Just a trip down amnesia lane, where everybody gets paid for another week of work even though nobody, you know, works?  Well, welcome to the Sweet Monkey Pie blogstravaganza, as the site has reached its 200 posts!

When I started SMP in 2005 – with the invaluable assistance of my main man and technical guru, B-Dizzle – I didn’t think I’d have enough to say to fill a dozen entries.  Here we are, at the bicentennial mark, and we’re still going strong.  Well, not “strong” per se, since I’m only pumping out one or two a month.  But, we’re still here, dammit.

So, in the grand tradition of sitcom clip shows, here are my favorite moments in the site’s history – and the backstory behind them.  If you care, that is.  But as Andy told Red, if you’ve made it this far, perhaps you’d be willing to go a little further.

  • What is Sweet Monkey Pie – and why should I care? – Any SMP aficionado should start here.  This provides the reason (albeit convoluted and infantile) why this site’s name came when an Ini Kamoze song meets the world of NFL coaching rants.  Seriously, you have to read it.  It makes sense.  Sorta.
  • Could Edward R. Murrow change a faucet? – Another early one… this is where I start to figure out how to use this blog as a personal outlet for venting my frustrations and shortcomings.
  • The most critically bad team ever – My love note to the best experience of my athletic career – the intramural basketball team I captained, Critically Caucasian.  The name was the best thing about the whole ordeal.  Well, that and the memories.  Ah yes, the memories.
  • Billy Packer drinking games – This is one of the most popular posts ever, at least until the crusty old fart retired.  This still makes me chuckle a little.
  • A magazine for the rest of us – One of my best “get rich never” schemes… a magazine devoted to suburban dads.  Still think this could work.
  • Blogging a TV show I don’t watch – I still like this premise.  I watched an episode of Lost, even without knowing what the hell was going on.  The results are, well, even more confusing a few years later.
  • Cars vs. Doc Hollywood – My buddy Jeff always treated this blog with a mixture of reverence and dismay.   The former because it was so researched.  The latter because “why the hell do you know this much about Doc Hollywood?”  I can’t argue with that.
  • An open letter to Gerald Henderson – The Dookies have received a lot of attention on SMP over the years, and this is one that got a lot of clicks.  After the “elbow heard ’round the world,” I fired off this letter.  I stand by every word today.
  • Unsolicited advice for Dook basketball – My hatred of Dook didn’t leave me blind to their problems.  After another early exit from March Madness, I provided this advice.  Still think they should take it.
  • 10 worst songs I know – One of those great Facebook memes that were so popular a year or so ago.  I really dug into this topic.

I’m sure there are others that are skipping me, but blimey… there are 200 posts to choose from!  Many thanks to all who have been reading after all these years.

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