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Things I learned today

I’ve been a bit under the weather today, which leaves me in a sleep-deprived and drug-addled state.  The perfect combo for some bloggin’.  Quick post to recap things I’ve learned today:

  • Sinus infections suck.  Seriously.  They suck major, major ass.  I’ve never had one, and lemme tell you… from the moment I awoke at 4:30 a.m. to the biggest, baddest headache ever until about 7:00 p.m. when the antibiotic started to kill the nasties… this was no joke.  My head hurt so much my teeth were aching and I could feel the pressure of my glasses pushing in the bridge of my nose.  To sum up, sinus infections: bad.  They might join my Axis of Evil.
  • On the flip side, this story about New Jersey corruption did much to salvage my mood.  I mean, did they sit around thinking, “It’s OK.  Since this is so much like an episode of The Sopranos, there’s no way they’ll think it’ll happen in real life.  Thanks, Jersey, for being our “special state” when SC or Louisiana fail to deliver the goods.
  • One good thing about being home this afternoon was catching Mark Buehrle from the White Sox deliver a perfect game – or at least the ninth inning. DeWayne Wise is my new favorite centerfielder for that spectacular catch at the beginning of the 9th.
  • Another good thing about the ChiSox winning… with the healthcare agenda taking a bit of a breather, I think Obama needed some good news.
  • Buehrle is a surprisingly tough name to spell.  It’s not Krzyzewski or anything, but it’s pretty tough.
  • Driving home from work, I’m quite surprised at how much I like Digital Underground.  They struck me as a novelty act all those years ago.  But, the music seems to hold up well.  Bear in mind I’m on enough Sudafed to bring down a grizzly.

OK, the tiredness is kicking in.  Catch you on the flip flop.  And sleep tight, New Jersey.  You funny, funny little state.

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