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Five SNL sketches that should be on Hulu

I’ve blogged before about the rare Internet gift that is Hulu (here, here and here).  It is a great time-killer, especially if you’re in one of those “I have a rare 30 minutes to watch TV, but everything on TV sucks” moods.  My favorite Hulu spot is the Saturday Night Live section, especially because it has a good selection of archival clips from past shows.I say it’s a “good” archive, not a “great” one, for a reason.  Because, if you’re an SNL afficianado like I am, Hulu is sometimes more notable by what it doesn’t have on it.  In fact, I challenged myself to come up with a quick list of sketches I’d love to see.  Older stuff, primarily, but nothing ancient.  Everything was from the last 20 years, and there are plenty of clips of that vintage on there.

What did I find?  A lot of nothing from the first five I pulled out of the air.  And a sidenote for the people that run Hulu, who are undoubtedly hanging on my every word.  Your tagging of video sucks ass.  You know it. I know it. Search is a joke.  Heck, the five below may be out there, but they’re just a well-kept secret.

So, I present my “Top Five Clips I’d Love to See on Hulu.” To help you recall what they are, I’m linking these below to the SNL Transcripts site, a valuable resource that has an amazing amount of transcript of sketches, and barring that, an episode list for every SNL episode.  We’re talking 34 years of archives.  Because NBC is too lazy to do that stuff for us.

1. “What’s the Best Way?” – If I had to put together a list of 10 favorite sketches, this has to be in there.  Adam Sandler and Phil Hartman at their best, with Glenn Close really nailing a character. It’s three New Englanders on a game show trying to come up with the best possible directions to a given direction. This was my first introduction to “wicked” as an all-encompassing adjective.  It also taught me that there’s no reason to go to Roxbury, Mass.  Who says TV doesn’t educate you.

2. “Do you Know Who My Father Is?” – This probably wouldn’t make a lot of lists (hell, it doesn’t even have a transcript), but this is one that gets me every time.  Christina Aguilera’s hosting, and there’s a game show featuring spoiled rich kids.  Seth Meyers’s Euro-trash accent puts this one over the top.  My girl Lil’ Bit and I goofed on this one for about a month.  What’s sad is that the E! channel shows the hour-long version of this episode all the time, but they cut this sketch.  This is only 4-5 years old, but no shot of seeing it on NBC.com or Hulu.  That ain’t right.

3. “The Referee Pittman Show” – The setup: John Goodman is Referee Pittman, an NFL referee, and this is his talk show.  People in the audience ask thinly veiled insult questions, like “Are you totally blind, or just legally blind.. uh.. so that, you know, you can make out shapes and degrees of light, you know, that kind of thing?”  Goodman is a solid pro, and he was fantastic in this role.

4.  “Eager and Jones” – Raise your hand if you remember this one.  Well, you should.  It was friggin’ hilarious.  Chris Farley and Tim Meadows are Eager and Jones, straight recording artists who sing songs to each other “as if they were gay.”  It’s a weird premise, but if you can’t giggle at Farley and Meadows singing, “Let’s Get It On” to each other, I just feel bad for you.

5. “Rock & Roll & Then Some” – The title of this one may not ring a bell, but it’s probably included on the “Best of Eddie Murphy” DVDs (probably the reason it’s not online – some weird licensing thing).  This is the one where Eddie Murphy is on a talk show talking about how he used to be the “fifth Beatle” and how Paul McCartney and the boys had a “behind kicking” coming. Classic sketch.  Needs to be online.

That’s just a first take.  I’ll have more soon. It doesn’t take long to come up with a list like this.

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  1. Matt
    February 20, 2012 at 2:36 am

    Hello. I’m shocked that no one has left a comment! I have been searching in vain for “Eager and Jones” because it’s just too funny seeing Chris Farley and Tim Meadows singing “songs as if they were gay.” I can’t find a video clip anywhere, and what sucks is how Hulu shuts done videos at YouTube, for instance, yet they expand their archives at their site. It’s one thing to be so proprietary, however, it’s another thing to dismiss good clips entirely.

    I’m not familiar with the other clips from SNL that you are referring to, however, they would be worthwhile to see for what it’s worth.

  2. Matt
    February 20, 2012 at 2:37 am

    Sorry, there was a typo up above — what I meant was that Hulu WON’T expand their archives enough to satisfy SNL fans with especially good skits from the show over the years. I just don’t get it.

  3. Josh
    June 3, 2012 at 2:26 am

    I was in college south of Boston in 1992-93 and one night I didn’t want to go out one Saturday. Around midnight I get a drunken phone call from “the gang” to turn on SNL because they’re doing a show about me. All the directions were wrong, and I corrected them, except one-Newport to Roxbury? Me: “Why the hell would you do that?” With corrected directions this sketch should be mandatory in driver’s ed. My family talk like that sketch all the time- do we go through Boston to the Sagamore or 495 to the Bourne? You can forget about 128- that thing makes me nauseous with all those turns. And cheaper booze in NH is myth, except for rotgut, and the selection sucks! Except for a few sale items you’re better off in a big box Mass. liquor store like Kappy’s; Bin Ends kicks A!

    Any directions you want, just ask me. Google and AAA don’t know what they’re talking about.

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