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Sobering, but must-see, TV

Just got finished watching the next DVD in the World at War documentary that The Wife gave me for Christmas.  It was episode 20, “Genocide.”  While many of the other episodes touch on the Holocaust, this is the only one that is completely centered on the topic.

Guess I’m writing because I need an outlet.  Nobody’s awake in the house, and I’m feeling some dreadful mix of revulsion, depression and fear.  I’ve seen several movies about the Holocaust, and a few other documentaries.  But what makes this one stand out is the rare first-hand accounts from both survivors and some of the SS soldiers who worked in the camps.  Listening to the stories will just stop you in your tracks.

The other episodes are similarly sobering, but it’s the degree that “Genocide” hits that’s awe-inspiring.  It’s unrelenting, and really, it should be.  We’ve all seen pictures and video of the emaciated corpses and the brick ovens at Auschwitz and other concentrations.  This documentary has all those and… videos of Jews shot in trenches (the “efficiency” of burying them where they fell)… footage of Jews who tried to escaped being hanged in public… film of, God help me, the children clinging to their mothers on their way to the gas chambers.   It’s just indescribable.  I’m just shaken.

If you’ve see Schindler’s List or other movies – hell, even if you haven’t – you should watch this segment of the World at War documentar.  I could write all day long about the episode, but it wouldn’t do any good.

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  1. Dan
    April 23, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Yeah, it’s depressing but I agree that it’s important for people to understand. People should also know about other atrocities that happened during the (historically) recent past, but are far less well chronicled. Stalin and Mao Tse-tung leap to mind.

    Unfortunately, no ethnic group or country has a corner on the atrocities chapter of the history books. Current day China, Rwanda and Sudan are sad reminders.

    I truly believe that there are both good & evil people in the world, and we could do better at dealing with evil people vs. framing good-vs-evil as an external (religious), metaphysical battle (God vs. Satan). People make moral and ethical choices every day, as well as the opposite.

  2. Dan
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