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A few days ago, I got another tagged note in Facebook from my buddy Tom.  This time, it was to let your music say 25 things about you.  Since this is a bit more imaginative than the “25 random things” meme that has most of America in a tizzy, I’m excited about this one.  Plus, I’d already written a blog about the power of my iPod.  It’s shown some good deductive powers thus far, so we’ll see how it handles this challenge.Here are the rules:

What does your music library say about you? I have about 1200 songs (not that many by most people’s standards), but it’s a pretty bizarre list.  Let’s get into it.

*Put Your iTunes, winamp, mp3 player or whatever on SHUFFLE
*For each question, press the next button to get your answer (no cheating!!)
*You must write down song/artist even if it doesn’t make sense
*Include any comments in parenthesis
*Post into a NOTE with #25 as your Title
*Tag at least 10 friends- include the person who tagged you!

1. What do your friends say about you?
“If I Had No Loot” by Tony Toni Tone.  (And we’re off… with a classic New Jack Swing song from the early 90s.  Pretty fitting, except if it means that I’d leave my friends if THEY had no loot.  Hopefully, I’m not like that.)

2. How would your coworkers describe you?
“Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday.  (Uh… ok, that’s a little “on the nose” in some respects.)

3. How would you describe yourself?
“Wouldn’t Be So Bad” by Alison Krause and Union Station  (That fits pretty well.  I could be worse.)

4. What do you like in a romantic partner?
“Still” by the Commodores.  (You couldn’t make this up.  A little sappy, but if you go by just the title, I like that my romantic partner is “still” here.  Or that she just lays still when necessary.  Good call.)

5. How do you feel today?
“What a Good Boy” by the Barenaked Ladies.  (I did get up, took the dogs for a walk, played with the kid, went to a circus and basically did nothing for myself until just now.  Damn, this was a spot-on pick!)

6. What is your life’s purpose?
“Dear Mr. President” by Dewey Cox/John C. Reilly.  (Fantastic, a pseudo protest song from the Walk Hard soundtrack. So I’m supposed to ineptly protest the president.  Gotcha.)

7. What is your motto?
“Sometimes I’m Happy” by Dave Brubek.  (Seriously, this is getting creepy.  That’s a pretty good motto right there.)

8. What do you think about the most?
“Flamingo” by Wynton Marsalis.  (Well, we did do a user conference one year where the logo had a flamingo in it. Otherwise, this one truly misses the mark.)

9. What are you going to do on your next vacation?
“Mystify” by INXS.  (This is going to be one crazy-ass vacation.  Hoo boy.)

10. What do you think of your first love/date?
“I’d Die Without You” by P.M. Dawn.  (Yes, I have this song on my iTunes, and yes, I’m listening to it now.  Happily, I’m not that obsessed with my first love.  Unless my first love is something like fried chicken or french fries.  If that’s the case, this fits very well.)

11. What is your life story?
“Remedy” by the Black Crowes (In no way is this fitting for my life story, I guess.  Unless I’m the remedy for certain things, and that’s not quite the case.  But what a great tune.)

12. What did you do yesterday?
“Yesterdays” by Wynton Marsalis (Fantastic answer from iTunes.  I did yesterdays yesterday.  Great song by Wynton, by the way. If you like jazz and don’t have the three Standard Time volumes from the late 80s, go get ’em.)

13. What do you think of when you see the person you like/love?
“Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai (Hee hee)

14. What describes your wedding?
“I Could Write a Book” by Harry Connick Jr. (Good song from the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack – regrettably, the first jazz-ish album I ever bough – and another sappy answer for the wife. Is she programming my iTunes or something?)

15. What will they play at your funeral?
“I’m Wondering” by Stevie Wonder (“I’m wondering, look out I’m wondering, how can I make you love me, a little more than you love him.”  Interesting choice, but I’d pass on this as a benedictory. I don’t want to go out like a jealous s.o.b.)

16. What is your obsession?
“One Thing” by Finger Eleven (OK, I’m obsessed with one thing.  Not sure what it is, but it’s just one thing.  Sweet.)

17. What is your biggest fear?
“Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard (I’m afraid of British bands pouring sugar on me.  Obviously.)

18. What is your biggest secret?
“Jump Around” by House of Pain (Getting more confused here.  My biggest secret is that I like to jump around?  Uhhhh, OK.)

19. What is your biggest turn-on?
“Girl on the Wing” by The Shins (Well, I like girls.  If they’re on the wing, so be it.  Trouble is, I only liked the Shins for a brief two-week period in 2005.)

20. How do you describe your friends?
“We Want the Funk” by George Clinton (Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Me and all my friends… we DO want the funk.  Funk you very much for this selection.)

21. What would you do with a million dollars?
“Seven Years” by Norah Jones (OK, that makes sense.  I’d spend seven years doing whatever the hell I wanted.  Works for me)

22. What is your opinion of sex?
“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” by R.E.M. (The first laugh-out-loud answer of the bunch.  How do I feel about sex?  It’s kinda like Dan Rather getting attacked by a deranged fan.  With lots of distorted guitars in the background.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong.)

23. What is your biggest regret?
“Never Had a Dream Come True” by Stevie Wonder (A good answer, but yet another more off-the-beaten-path song by Mr. Wonder.  I haven’t heard this in a while, but it’s a solid 3 minutes of Stevie.)

24. What would you rather be doing right now?
“What’s My Name” by Snoop Doggy Dogg (Second laugh out loud answer, for two different reasons.  On one hand, iTunes thinks I’d rather be gang-banging in South Central right now, sipping on gin and juice and such.  On the other hand, this is right-on because this album broke during my junior year at UNC, and I was living in Old East and listening to this album almost constantly.  Yeah, I’d rather be doing that right now, fo’ sho’.)

25. What will you post this list as?
“Alright” by John Legend.  (Short, sweet and to-the-point.  Good call. Way to finish on a high note.)

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