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More goodness from Hulu

Earlier this year, I did a top 10 list of Saturday Night Live clips on Hulu that are often lost in the shuffle – but shouldn’t be (see here and here). Then today, I realized that my boy B-Dizzle (the technical brains behind this Web 1.1 marvel you’re reading right now) did me a great service with the latest WordPress upgrade. I can now embed video into this blog – something that, unbelievably, never worked before.  So, I went throught the list again and found a few more (they seem to be adding more gradually). 

Here are some that caught my fancy.

  • The Overacting Negro Ensemble.  This is a good one for a couple of reasons.  First, if you ever saw the always underrated show Roc and other black TV shows, there was always a tendency to just go all overewraught from time to time.  Even the Fresh Prince of Bel Air had its own overacting moments (Alphonso Ribiero was a master at this).  The second thing to look for is the solid job done by Ellen Cleghorne and Sinbad.  But Chris Rock is just comically awful.
  • Nikey Turkey – A great one for the holiday season.  If Chris Rock wasn’t well-suited for the previous sketch, he nailed this one.  This is often included in Christmas specials, but it’s worth including here.
  • Wong and Owens, Ex Porn Stars – I remember seeing this around 10 years ago.  Just a great premise.  Jim Breuer and Tracy Morgan play two former porn stars who can’t separate reality from pornography (really, this is a problem for all of us from time to time).
  • Mechanics Bedtime Story – This is a great one from the original cast.  It’s a good showcase of Gilda Radner’s talent, but it doesn’t seem to get a lot of play.  Glad they put it on Hulu.
  • Russell Simmons Def Magic Show Jam – Another Chris Rock sketch, but this one makes me giggle, too.  Really, what’s funnier than cussing magicians?  Cussing mimes, maybe.
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