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Leavin' on a jet plane… and a bus… and a big boat…

Tomorrow, the family and I are heading to the airport, then to the Atlanta airport, then to the Orlando airport, then to a bus to Port Canaveral, and finally to the Disney Magic.  I’m starting a friggin’ seven-day cruise square in the face.  Seven days of R&R after a year that’s been, well, all too heavy on stress and way to light on either R or R.

Some random thoughts before forking over my mind, heart, body and soul Mickey Mouse Inc…

  • Never been on a cruise before, but the Disney route seems like a good one for us.  The kid can go off with other young’uns his age, while the Wife and I can hang out with other adults.  That’s what’s called a win-win.
  • It’s currently in the high 30s, with a low temp tonight below freezing.  Tomorrow, I’ll be on a ship heading to the warm Caribbean.  OK, that sounds like I’m bragging…
  • The over/under on Titanic references I’ll make on the trip:  Vegas has it at 12.5.
  • The over/under on the number of naps I plan to take:  Last betting line was 5.5 (bet the over).
  • Took the dog to the kennel tonight.  The Wife gives me crap about my basset hound… says she’s dumber than a post (on her nice days). She’s a sweet dog, but yeah, she’s no rocket surgeon.  But how come when we got into the car tonight, and I turned right out of the neighborhood towards the kennel… she started shaking?
  • I’m curious to see if I’ll have any motion sickness.  Got those bands for your wrists to ward against it.  Not looking forward nausea.  Unless there’s Jack and cokes involved.
  • The over/under on the number of times I’ll say, “That costs how much?” during the cruise:  The line is at 143.5.
  • Believe it or not, this is our first week-long vacation that didn’t involve a visit with family since… drumroll… our honeymoon.  Over 11 years ago.  I think we’re due for this one.

See you on the other side, kiddies.  I’ll say hi to Mickey for ya.

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  1. Nilson
    January 21, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Looks like I was a bit late on this one but it’s really a good post. I’m thinking about a reply on my site . . .

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