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Other movie ideas for Jim Carrey (apparently he needs them)

If you’re like me, you’ve seen the trailer for Yes Man, the next in Jim Carrey’s long, slow decline from top-flight movie star to, well, Adam Sandler 2: Electric Boogaloo. The premise of Yes Man is that Jim Carrey has to say “Yes” to any proposal for an entire year.  So, Jim’s playing a man who has to make a wholesale change to his personality/lifestyle/habits.

However, that sounds an awful lot like…

  • Liar, Liar… where Jim played a guy who couldn’t tell a lie for a while… leading to a whole bunch of hilarious mix-ups, uncomfortable situations and all-out hilariousness.
  • Bruce Almighty… where Jim played a guy who had the powers of God for a few weeks… leading to a whole bunch of hilarious mix-ups, uncomfortable situations and all-out hilariousness.

Granted, Liar, Liar is the one that appears to be almost exactly like Yes Man.  I mean, at some point during the script-reading process, didn’t Jim or someone in his posse (an agent, perhaps?) say, “You know, JC, you’ve already made this movie.  Practically the same movie.  No, really, the same damn movie.  OK, put the script down or I’ll smack you in the head.”

But, I’m here to help.  If Jim Carrey is hell-bent on this course of action, here are a few more movie ideas.  Jim, if you’re out there, feel free to contact me at this website, and I’ll crank out a script. Shouldn’t take more than a few hours.  [Oh… I’m reading these in movie trailer form. Imagine they’re being read by the now-deceased movie trailer voiceover guy.]

  • No, Sir – Carl Allen is back.  Last year, he had to say “Yes” to anything and won the hearts of America.  But, he was so exhausted, he woke up the next day and said… “No.”  Just wait until his wedding day! Coming this September, the hilarious sequel to Yes Man… No, Sir.
  • The Pie Hole – Ron Albertson is a simple man.  A man with a well-rounded life of a suburban dad.  However, he doesn’t like sweets.  And it infuriates his wife, who runs a renowned bakery.  So, in a twist of fate, a random stranger puts a curse on a piece of bread, which causes Ron to change his tastes.  For the next month, every food he eats will taste like pie.  Now, Ron is faced with a choice. Learn how to enjoy pies or die.  This summer… Jim Carrey is The Pie Hole.
  • State of the Fart – Bob Freeman is an ordinary man.  A banker by day, a jazz trumpet player by night, Bob is neat, tidy and unassuming.  But, when an irate fan at a nightclub puts a curse on him, Bob suddenly loses control of the toots coming out of another horn … and the flatulence ensues.  This summer… Jim Carrey will experience the State of the Fart.
  • Cracker Say What? – Frank Dunham is a hard-working counselor at a Harlem boys club, trying to give back to the community. But when an irate mom puts a curse on him, he stops talking like a white guy… and can only speak in ebonics.  Coming this fall… Jim Carrey and Spike Lee team up to answer, Cracker Say What?.

I feel like I should have more ideas, but I’m just beat from a holiday weekend of housework, decorating and kid-watching.  Feel free to add your own.

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