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Breaking weeks of writer's block,exhaustion and plain-ol'-fashioned laziness

Sorry for the delay in posting anything. I’ve been pretty wiped out most evenings, finding myself more content to just watch TV or read than to come up with anything creative. Tonight, though, as I watch the epic UNC-Chaminade game, I figured I had time to post some random thoughts. Enjoy…

  • I’m really not enjoying getting old. I’m playing in a once-a-week tennis league. Our second game was yesterday, and my right knee is aching. My left quad is sore as hell. Who knew the wheels would fall off at 35?
  • But who am I kidding? I’m a fat tub of goo. It’s amazing I can get off the couch without pulling a groin.
  • I’m really not liking WordPress now. I’m having to write this using rudimentary HTML code. Does anybody call it “Hit-mul” other than me? Does that signify that you don’t know anything about HTML if you call it “Hit-mul?”
  • Had one of my worst experiences at UNC’s beautiful Kenan Stadium on Saturday. It was a combination of UNC getting thumped 41-10 by rival NC State… the redneck sitting behind me who not only doesn’t get to many college football games, but he rarely leaves the house… the guy behind the redneck who was cussing a blue streak, even after I politely reminded him that I had a six-year-old with me. People suck.
  • The entire UNC game on Saturday was like the first half of the Kansas debacle in the Final Four. Similar scores (that was 42-10 at the half), but at least the roundball team woke up halfway through. The gridiron gang couldn’t be bothered.
  • My favorite part of the Maui Classic? Watching coaches sitting uncomfortably on the sidelines in Hawaiian shirts. It was long rumored that Dean Smith didn’t like the Hawaiian tourneys because he liked having a suit coat to hide his gut. That and his player chasing down Polynesian poonanny for a week.
  • I think Polynesian Poonanny would be a great band name.
  • Well, that’s all I can come up with now. Hopefully, it won’t be weeks before I update this thing again.

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    1. backdorr
      November 29, 2008 at 11:42 am

      WordPress has been upgraded. Hopefully all hit-mul coding can be avoided.

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