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Am I Joe Sixpack, a card-carrying member of the Elite… or something else

As the last few presidential elections have shown, Americans are easy to break down into groups. Especially at election time. From soccer moms in 2000 to NASCAR dads in 2004, we’re all just caricatures. This year, the gross oversimplifications are coming fast and furious. Joe Sixpack. Joe the Plumber. Pro-Americans. There are probably more… I just can’t keep track.

It got me wondering, though, about where I fall. I voted for Barack, which might make me a socialist Elitist commie bastard. However, in some ways, I’m Joe Sixpack. So, with that in mind, I tried to figure out where I stood. I’ll let you decide.

  • Joe Sixpack – My TV is often pretty middle America. Sit-coms, the occasional drama. Typical stuff. Plus, I like “regular Joe” sports like the NFL and MLB. And, I’ve watched some pro wrestling in my life. Not by choice, really, but I know to call it “rasslin’.”
  • Elitist S.O.B. – Imagine my dismay when this article pointed out that some of my favorite shows – Mad Men, The Daily Show and The Simpsons – were all listed as fodder for “elites” and “intellectuals.” Damn… guess I am a holier than thou prick. Did not see that coming.
  • Joe Sixpack – In this election, if you don’t believe in the free market (which has apparently broken) and if you don’t ever want to pay taxes (as if that’s an alternative), you’re a Joe Sixpack. And I do believe that the free market usually works (with some timely help) and that taxes, you know, suck… but…
  • Elitist S.O.B. – I mean, grow the f*ck up! The markets can’t run wild. Some of the arguments from McCain/Palin supporters (not the campaign itself, entirely, but some of the pundits and apologists) aren’t the ideals of free-market economics but more in the realm of subtle anarchy. I think the last eight years are enough indication that the market, left to their own devices, can go wrong. And sometimes a nice $700 billion government bailout is the only savior. I don’t think any economist (or even lefty commie pinko Democrat) will say that free-market economies are always doomed to fail. But they can. See also Hoover, Herbert.
  • Joe Sixpack – Let’s start with the taste for the finer things. I don’t have that. I hate wine. Detest it. I hate coffee. Hate it. I like a nice, American beer (Rolling Rock, yay!). I don’t particularly like opera.
  • Elitist S.O.B. – Then again, I do enjoy a good Broadway musical, and I no longer eat store brand mac and cheese. I read the New York Times (gasp!). Maybe I am a member of the Elite.
  • Joe Sixpack – I’m from a middle class background. Both parents were public school teachers. My granddad voted for Jesse Helms, even though he couldn’t reconcile many of Helms’ views, because Jesse stood up for the “common man.” This is my background.
  • Elitist S.O.B. – Sarah Palin defined the “elite” as “people who think that they’re better than anyone else.” OK, this is where I may be a little bit of an elitist. Because, I think it’s ok to feel that I am better at certain things than other people. I can write circles around 99% of Americans. I like to think that I’m smarter than the average bear. Hell, after several years in PR and a few media training sessions, I’m pretty sure I could answer Sarah’s questions about 50 times better than she does. So, if that makes me a member of the “elite,” then so be it.

    So, there you have it. And as I’m typing this, Libby Dole is on TV explaining to me via an ad why raising taxes is always bad. God, I’m tired of political ads. And that’s something I think all Americans can agree on.

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