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Can't-miss movies that I'm always missing

A few weeks back, I was talking to a friend about movies, and I mentioned even though I love Rudy and Hoosiers, I’ve never seen a couple of other sports movies. Like Remember the Titans. I’ve seen hella horrible football flicks like Wildcats, Little Giants and The Waterboy. Multiple times. For no good reason. But, I never saw this Denzel Washington movie (and I dig that guy’s work).

That led to a long conversation of some movies from the last few years that I never saw. And the reason, such as it is, why.

  • Empire Falls. I remember this getting a lot of buzz back in ’05, but I never really thought about seeing it. HBO now has this in heavy rotation, and I saw five minutes of the most depressing stuff I could ever imagine. I think the Time Warner Cable description from the on-screen menu sums up the reason for my apathy: “Unfulfilled lives abound in a declining New England town.” Wow… it’s all there. Unfulfilled lives. So, so that means, at best, yearning or, at worst, whining. Declining town. Plenty more depression there. New England? I’m a Southerner. This movie doesn’t much speak to me.
  • The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. OK, this dates back to junior high when a few friends really got into The Hobbit. I perused about two pages, and it struck me as the type of D&D fantasy crap that I just hate. Even after dozens of friends have tried to convince me otherwise, I still stand by that conviction. I don’t want to be “that guy.”
  • I Am Legend. This one wouldn’t have been on this list, except for the fact that a numskull in the Houston airport once told his friend the plot while waiting for the same connection that I was on. By the time I boarded my flight, I knew the whole shebang. Now, I’m just waiting for a slow Saturday afternoon to start watching it once it hits HBO. Or not. Haven’t quite decided.
  • All X-Men movies, Ironman, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four movies. Even though I skewed toward “geek” as a teenager (quiz bowl and a penchant for reading non-fiction for fun, if you need a couple of examples), I never read comic books beyond some Archie and Jughead stuff. Now, if they made a movie with James Franco as Archie, Shia Labouf as Jughead, Mila Kunis as Veronica, and some other fox as Betty… I’m there.
  • Remember the Titans. For some reason, I think I’ve already seen this movie. Kids use sports to cross a racial divide. Coach learns a lot about himself in the process.  It seems like Mr. Holland’s Opus meets Lean on Me with the football scenes of Wildcats (with considerably less Nipsey Russell).  This is one of those where it seemed like the trailer pretty much answered all the questions. I’ll probably watch it someday, I guess, it’s pretty odd that I don’t have a burning need to see it.

Gotta go. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is on. Just kidding. I’ll watch that right after I watch a Harry Potter flick. Don’t get me started there.

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