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If I ever needed proof that I was right about McCain…

Earlier today, I saw an article on a newsfeed called “Blizzard of Lies,” written by Paul Krugman from the New York Times. He basically documents the blatant and outright deception that the McCain camp is pulling.  Makes me completely sure that I made the right choice.

Some chilling points:

Still, how upset should we be about the McCain campaign’s lies? I mean, politics ain’t beanbag, and all that.

One answer is that the muck being hurled by the McCain campaign is preventing a debate on real issues — on whether the country really wants, for example, to continue the economic policies of the last eight years.

But there’s another answer, which may be even more important: how a politician campaigns tells you a lot about how he or she would govern.

Amen.  And John McCain should know better.  He was beaten by the outright dirty tactics of Rove/Bush/Cheney, but he’s resorting to this same schlock now.  The issues aren’t the economy, the war in Iraq or anything.  It’s what Obama said.  It’s how he said it.  It’s his “celebrity” status.

But here’s the part that really gives me the heebie jeebies.

And now the team that hopes to form the next administration is running a campaign that makes Bush-Cheney 2000 look like something out of a civics class. What does that say about how that team would run the country?

What it says, I’d argue, is that the Obama campaign is wrong to suggest that a McCain-Palin administration would just be a continuation of Bush-Cheney. If the way John McCain and Sarah Palin are campaigning is any indication, it would be much, much worse.

I honestly feel that this election is about the heart and soul of America.  What we stand for and what we believe.  McCain is using the most noxious methods to win an election.  In the process, he will leave a country even more divided and implement the same programs that have led to things like over two-thirds of Americans thinking we’re “on the right path.”  Maybe McCain is a “maverick,” but sometimes that can just be code for “outlaw.”  And that’s what his message is conveying right now.

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