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Olympic-sized TV fatigue

This must be how Michael Phelps felt after winning gold medal numero ocho at the Beijing games.  Because I’m exhausted.  Of watching Olympic sports.  And I somehow have six more days to go.  How in the Sacramone can I keep going?

Here’s the thing… I love me some Olympics.  My borderline obsession with the games dates back to a simple purchase of the 1984 Olympic Handbook at a school fair in fifth grade.  As a geek who loved history and sports, the Olympics provided just the right combo.  Every televised event came with a pre-packaged historical nugget.  It was a love affair that continues today.

[Sidenote: I still have that dog-eared Olympic guide in my library, complete with 11-year-old scrawl as I tracked every event throughout the two weeks. If you think I had problems, bear in mind I still thought girls had cooties… I lived in a town of 1500 people where the closest movie theater was about an hour drive… and this pre-dates the Internet, simulcasts and the Oxygen network carrying mostly equestrian events.]

Even back in 1984, I wished that they would show more events.  I’d see snippets of the more obscure events (at least to Americans) and wonder, “How does team handball work?”  Or, “How do the guys in water polo not drown?”

This year, thanks to the miracle of NBC’s multi-channel coverage, I know the answer to some of these questions.  I’ve watched those two sports, plus synchronized diving, table tennis, weightlifting and badminton.  And not just parts of them.  Full events in some cases.

Which leads me to my current state.  Pure exhaustion.  And it’s starting to affect other sports-related areas of my life.  I mean, I looked on espn.com today, and I see that the Rays are still 4.5 games up on the Red Sox in the AL East. Seriously?  That’s still going on?  While I’ve been watching fencing and women’s volleyball, my fantasy football draft has crept up on me.  I may go into this draft even more unprepared than the Detroit Lions.  It could get ugly.

I gotta soldier on, though.  Just six days left.  We haven’t scratched the surface of track and field yet.  The USA “Redeem Team” looks to have a lock on the men’s basketball gold, as do the women.  I haven’t seen a shred of synchronized swimming yet (that’s not a complaint… I’m a happy guy on that count).

Gotta feel the burn and keep working staring at the tube.  Because Phelps never gave up.  And neither should I.  Although I don’t think we’ll ever get my ass print out of the couch again.

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