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What I won't miss about W.

This morning, I got a salient reminder on why I won’t miss the W. presidency. No, I didn’t fill up my car with $3.70 gas. And no, another classmate from high school didn’t die in Iraq. This realization occurred when MSNBC broke in on their Olympic coverage to televise Bush’s feelings (thoughts? missives?) on the Russia-Georgia conflict. And, believe it or not, it comes down to those who like freedom and those who don’t. Shocker.

Sorry to go on a rant here, but this man’s fairy tale view of politics is disconcerting. Why don’t the Taliban and Al Qaeda like us? They hate freedom. Why isn’t Iran acting nice? Freedom haters. And kids, why is Russia bombing the hell out of Georgia right now? That’s right. Allergic to freedom.

I wish I had been typing as he talked, because there’s not a transcript available for his speech. Essentially, he reminded the leaders of Russia that they should not be afraid of a democratic Georgia, because a democracy will bring prosperity and stability as neighbors.

C’mon George, we know you’re a lame duck (accent on lame), but couldn’t you talk about some of the real issues around this conflict? The oil? The Ossetian separatists? Do you think we can’t handle it? I guess when it comes to international politics, it’s easier to paint with broad strokes than it is to really work on the issues.

Sorry, but this just struck a nerve. Can you tell? I guess it’s because after Iraq, it feels really hollow for the US to tell another superpower not to invade a sovereign nation because they’re concerned about their security. At least Georgia is next door to Russia. We didn’t have that excuse.

Gotta go. I’m hoping to hear George’s take on how President Musharraf’s problems are akin to the story of Rapunzel.

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