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Getting fired up for work

For a couple of years, my company shared a building with a shady auto credit company. And almost every day, I showed up at about the same time as a guy that worked for that loan company. We looked to be about the same age. Probably had about the same amount of experience and responsibilities. Biggest difference: he had to wear a tie every day, while I sported khakis and a polo shirt. He probably also spent the day explaining to people why he was repossessing their 1998 Ford Tempo. That’s a pretty big difference, too.

Maybe that’s why every day he got out of his car with a look of sheer revulsion and dread. He shuffled into the building with his lunch in a brown paper bag every day, and god, it looked like he was on his death march. I felt so bad for him. You just know that each morning brought a new level of crap for him. It was evident in his face and his body language. The poor bastard.

Even though that auto credit company moved out of my building, I thought about that guy this morning. Because today, on my way to work, I heard some of the score from Hoosiers on XM radio (channel 27, the soundtrack channel). After playing one of the more tranquil songs from the middle of the movie (think Gene Hackman driving across Indiana on the way to Hickory High), they played Coach Dale’s pep talk before the regional finals.

Tell me this isn’t a great pep talk before going to work. “If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says. At the end of the game, in my book, we’re gonna be winners.” Hell, watch it here.

That was followed by the music from that state finals when Jimmy Chitwood got into some other-worldly zone where he went something like 30-for-32 from the floor. Seriously, I may be the only guy who loves Hoosiers more than ESPN’s Bill Simmons. He once wrote a running diary of the entire movie that must have exceeded 10,000 words. I thought it wasn’t quite long enough.

So, anyway… back to this morning. Was I fired up? Hell to the yeah. Frankly, I was waiting for a pep rally when I arrived at work. There should have been a cheerleader in an knee-length skirt ready to go to a sock hop with me. More importantly, unlike the sad sack I saw all those mornings, I had a spring in my step. Nothing the job could throw at me was going to touch me. God bless you Norman Dale and Jimmy Chitwood.

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