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Feeling old: Hitting the wall at 35

In April, I turned 35, and I treated this like any birthday. I woke up, went to work, came home and continued with my life. It’s always been another day, dating back to the time I turned 18 during a high school club trip and didn’t really think about my birthday until I filled out a check on the day itself.

So, it was quite a surprise that two months after my 35th that suddenly… wham!… it hits me. And it hit me hard. Why? Well, three things happened.

  1. I realized that I don’t like any of the songs on XM Radio’s channel 20, which plays the top 20 most requested songs of the day. I haven’t hit a song that I’ve really liked on that channel in about a month. Why is this significant? I’ve always been able to find some nuggets in pop music, even through the hair metal of the late 80s and the awful boy-band epidemic of the late 90s. This time, I just hate it all. Chris Brown, Daughtry, Jesse McCartney, The Jonas Brothers… there’s just nothing there.By the way, it all came to a head today when I heard Kid Rock’s ode to summer, “All Summer Long.” Check out this rhyme. “Sipping whiskey out the bottle | Not thinking ’bout tomorrow.” He rhymes “bottle” and “tomorrow.” Seriously?
  2. On Monday, I played sand volleyball for the first time this season.  Several times, I jumped for a spike or a block… and my feet where always in contact with the sand.  I felt slow and sluggish, and I was sweating like James Brown on his Celebrity Hot Tub show.  It was, in a word, atrocious.  Only 12 more games to go.  Yay!
  3. Then, on Tuesday, I played in my weekly basketball game, and I was ritually abused by a 17 year old and a 21 year old.  Now, both of these guys are probably better than I was at the same periods of my life.  But, it was just a total beatdown.  I probably shot 15% from the floor (that’s not false modesty… if I made 1 of 8, that would have been great).  I missed 20 footers and layups.  Midrange jumpers.  Got my pocket picked doing the most rudimentary things. Remember Ollie, the erstwhile manager forced to play in the movie Hoosiers?  It would take me about six months of intensive work to get to his level.

So, there you have it. Three great reasons that I know I’m getting old. Next, I’ll be wearing my pants at my armpits and screaming at kids to get off my lawn.  This is going to be fun, in a totally sucky way.

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