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Rocco vs. Tiger: The US Open or a bad prizefight?

Like any dad who got cut a bit of slack yesterday thanks to the Fathers Day holiday (thanks Hallmark!), I was actually able to watch the entire back nine of the U.S. Open yesterday.  Tiger Woods grabbed the lead, pissed it away to Rocco Mediate… then Rocco was unable to extend the lead, allowing Tiger to snatch it back.  Riveting golf.

Beyond the golf, what made this so special was the storylines.  Not just Tiger’s knee or the way that he was grinding it out.  For those of us who knew of Rocco’s fight with back trouble (remember the 2006 Masters where his body broke down when he had the lead on the final day?) it was an even more incredible story.

And, what puts it over the top… Rocco plays like everybody’s crazy uncle on the course.  His emotions are on his sleeve, and he’s just an affable, likable guy.  Just tremendous stuff.

One thing I noticed in his post-round interview is that he has a very unique way of speaking that really sets him apart from other golfers… and definitely other athletes.  With the way he speaks with his hands and the constant mix of facial expressions, it’s like watching someone explain his answers on Match Game than someone doing a postgame interview.  Just watch him next time.  Quite a different take on the game than you’ll get from most golfers.

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