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The weirdest moment of the NBA Finals

I meant to post this last night, but I got stuck with the whole linking to Mother Bunker issue.  Had to relay my thoughts on the most important part of the game. No, it’s not the 24-point comeback last night or Kobe’s sinister gaze whenever anyone on his team does anything bad (as if his 6-19 shooting performance wasn’t bad enough).  Did anyone see who sang the national anthem last night?  Jeffrey Osborne, the musical genius behind “On the Wings of Love” and other 1980s ballads. More…

No wonder the Celtics started out so dazed.  They probably spent the entire first quarter going, “Is that the same guy that sang, ‘Stay with Me Tonight?’” I was thinking Moses Malone and Dr. J would be starting for the other team.

This is Hollywood, and the best we can do is a three-hit wonder from the early 80s?  There’s not a Red Hot Chili Pepper hanging around?  Disney couldn’t man up and throw one of the kids from High School Musical at this one?

Game 3’s anthem was performed by that scruffy guy from American Idol, which will only start to look silly in 10 years.  Choosing Osborne is ridiculous… now!  David Stern must answer for this.  Oh yeah, and the crooked refs thing.

But I want answers.  Now.

Update – I see that Bill Simmons from ESPN beat me to the punch on this one. As usual, he hit the pop culture nail on the head.

Jeffrey Osborne sang the national anthem. Apparently, he won a coin toss with James Ingram right before the game.

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