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Random thoughts on the NBA Championships

I’ve been watching Lakers vs. Celtics pretty intently in the NBA Championship. It’s a really good series, with two rivals playing at a high level — and some referees who are interpreting the basketball rulebook like Alberto Gonzales with the Geneva Convention. Let’s play the feud!

  • I’m seriously offended by the uneven officiating in this series. In Game 2, Boston took about 830 more foul shots than L.A. Early in the second half, L.A. has a 22-7 edge in free throws. Yeah, that seems about right.
  • IDEA: Let’s move two of the seven games to a neutral site. Let’s see how the referees react when they’re not responding to the wants and needs of the crowd.
    • Seriously, imagine if games 1 and 6 were at a neutral site. You start with a game that sets the tone in a place where neither team has an edge. The team with the best record hosts games 2 & 3. Games 4 & 5 move to the “underdog” site. Game 6 is back to a neutral site (Madison Square Garden, maybe, since the Knicks are hardly ever playing there in June). A deciding game 7 would then go back to the team with the best regular season record.
    • Of course, this would all go a long way to increase the competition level in the NBA and ensure a good series. There’s no way David Stern wants that.
  • Sam Cassell is going to break John Starks’ record for taking the most bad shots in NBA finals history.
  • P.J. Brown runs and jumps like the old cagey guy who plays at the Y. He went up to try to block a Kobe Bryant shot in the first half, and even though he has about four inches on the guy, he was about a foot-and-a-half away from the ball.
  • I really like how foreign-born players are announced at pregame introductions with just their company name. “At center, from Spain, Pau Gasol.” Why can’t we say, “At center, from Barcelona, Spain” or use his club team “At center, from C.B. Cornella in Spain…” Why do we get to know where Kobe went to high school before every game.
  • Gotta be honest. I’ve been watching Office reruns during the last hour. They have the one where Michael is trying to do conflict mediation. There are bad managers, there are atrocious managers, and then there’s Michael Scott.
  • Kobe just took about four steps on the way to the basket. It was so bad, Patrick Ewing and Michael Jordan just complained.
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