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Sex and the City movie: The good, bad and ugly from one' man's perspective

Last night, the Wife and I saw the Sex and the City movie, thanks to my son’s after-school care facility and their monthly “parents’ night out.” It’s not like it was the best movie ever, but I didn’t absolutely hate it. Which was an accomplishment in itself. Go ahead and stick that on the movie poster, HBO Films.

By the way, it’s great to have a place to take your kid one Saturday night each month from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Unfortunately, we’re always looking at the movie listings like they were the obituaries. It came down to the Indiana Jones movie (we’ve heard blah reports from friends), Ironman (neither my wife or I know the comic books or have a Robert Downey Jr. “thing”), or Carrie Bradshaw and her coven of NY sluts.

So, we decided on Sex and the City for a few reasons. It was less noxious than the other options, we had watched a good chunk of the series when it originally aired, and most importantly, it started at 7:00, meaning we should easily be able to grab dinner and see the movie before picking up the kid.

Let’s break down my review of the movie and focus on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. There was plenty of each.

The Good

  • Guys, if you get roped into this movie, and you just know you’re going to be one of about 3-4 guys in the place (as I was last night), know this. There is plenty of nudity and sex in this movie. I’m serious. If this wasn’t a “chick flick” there is NO WAY you’d get away with watching this movie with your wife. There’s a running gag where Samantha’s neighbor is continually having sex with busty blondes, and of course, Samantha is always spying on them. If the Wife caught me watching the same thing on Cinemax at 2 a.m., I’d be in trouble. Because it’s SATC, it was cool. So, you got that going for you. Which is nice.
  • The storyline really isn’t that bad. Well, let me clarify that. The main plotline of “Carrie and Big are getting married” is as tired as it can be. The next storyline in order of magnitude is probably Miranda and Steve separating because Steve cheated on her during a six-month sexual drought.
    • As a sidenote within this bullet, Miranda was always my least favorite of the four gals, but her hubby, Steve, was my favorite boyfriend featured in the series. He was honest, straightforward and just absolutely devoted to that hellbeast, Miranda. Even though he was painted as the “bad guy” for cheating, it gradually became apparent that her own frigidity was just as much to blame for busting up the marriage. Suck that, Miranda.
    • Plus, the last thing I saw Cynthia Nixon in was when she played Eleanor Roosevelt in Warm Springs. After that, she should have a moratorium on sex scenes ever. That was a brutal, brutal thing last night. Actually, this sub-bullet belongs under “The Ugly.” Or a new column, “The Horror.”
  • My favorite SATC gal, Charlotte, is the subject of the best joke in the movie. Guys, be prepared that the best laugh in the movie is the result of a poop joke. Charlotte goes to Mexico with the girls, and she worries about drinking the water. She lets down her guard during a shower scene (which revealed nothing… stupid “no nudity” clause), swallows some water, and ends up pooping her pants before she could get back to the bathroom.
  • That’s right, the biggest laugh in the year’s biggest “chick flick” is a poop joke. Don’t give me all this “Men are from Mars” crap. Both sexes laugh at poop jokes and enjoy a little naughty shenanigans in our movies.
  • Jennifer Hudson does a great job as Carrie’s assistant, Louise. The girl just radiates on the screen. I’m a fan.
    • Roger Ebert sums up my view about Hudson’s performance better than I can. “The most human character is Louise (Jennifer Hudson), who is still in her 20s and hasn’t learned to be a jaded consumerist caricature… Louise is warm and vulnerable and womanly, which does not describe any of the others.”

The Bad

  • One of the things that prevented me from really liking SATC as a TV series was the interminable dialog. The gals, at times, just had to one-up each other with puns and cloying plays on words. They were often not very inventive… and just freakin’ annoying. The movie has its share, including one where a depressed Carrie tells her friends in Mexico that she had to snap out of her “Mexi-coma.” And when Carrie and Louise part ways, they let loose a rapid-fire set of word play that just detracts from an otherwise nice scene. It’s hard to have real emotion when it sounds like the movie was written by a clever 15-year-old.
  • Have I mentioned Miranda is one of the most unlikable women on the big screen?
  • Charlotte’s adopted daughter, Lilly, is about four in the movie, and she’s always hanging around that foul-mouthed gaggle of women. It served a plot device later on, but she was just there… coloring in the background… for about half the movie. Not sure why.
  • Besides Steve, my other favorite guy that showed up in the SATC series was Harry, Charlotte’s husband. He seemed to be a cool guy, but he had virtually no role in this movie. And did I mention it was 2 1/2 hours? Couldn’t find a place for him?

The Ugly

  • See also “Eleanor Roosevelt, naked and doing it.”
  • I know that Samantha’s character is all about being self-absorbed to the max, but her treatment of her boyfriend (whose name just escapes me) is just sad.
  • Even though there were some good points to this movie, what ultimately stopped it from being more than average is the one flaw in the series and the movie. The four main characters are often too shallow, vapid and snarky to be enjoyable. Left to their own devices, they could at least turn this into a farce of late adulthood. But, by having Jennifer Hudson on the screen as a grounded, real-world gal who is not so much focused on “Sex” as she is “the City,” it magnifies the bad points of Carrie, et al.
  • Even though I’m a liberated guy, it was a bit emasculating to be one of three guys in the theater. On my way to the restroom, I had to get past a guy at the end of my aisle. He was staring at the screen with such a bored, resigned look on his face. I felt for him.

Hope this review helps any guys who are “taking one for the team” to see this movie. There’s just enough to keep you interested, and who knows… maybe you’re wife or girlfriend will repay your kindness later that night. Just don’t… DON’T… think of Miranda before or during. You’ll thank me.

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