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Clinton v. Obama: Is it over yet?

Just flipped on CNN and saw Obama’s speech after getting enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton hasn’t conceded yet, but for the… I don’t know… 15th week in a row, she’s only days or hours away from doing that.

I gotta say, Obama can give a good speech. If the Clinton-ites are so jaded and unreachable after this campaign that they can’t support Barack, then I feel for them. Yeah, go ahead and vote for McCain, as Hillary’s supporters threatened to do during the last few primaries. We’ll see how the next four years treat you. Dumbasses.

My favorite part of the speech. Obama says that America should be the leader of the free world, and that’s something that we’ve been missing in the past few years. He evoked the legacy of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy – to rousing cheers.

But that’s not really my favorite part. It comes about 30 seconds later when he mentions the Clinton presidency.  He evoked the most successful Democratic president since probably FDR himself. The response? A tepid applause that had to build to achieve even something akin to apathy.

That was creepy. The most recent Democratic president can’t get more than a “what what” from a charged-up Democratic crowd in Minnesota. Guess Obama does have some bridge-building to do in the next few months. Hopefully Bill and Hillary will fall in line and help.

Because, as I’ve mentioned before, I have some reservations about John McCain. Maybe it’s because he’s older than Reagan was when we elected him, and we never knew if Ronnie, Nancy or Nancy’s astrologer was in charge after 1986. Maybe it’s because McCain completely lost all his street cred by going back to W. in recent years and falling in line with the jacked-up wing of the Republican party.

Whatever it is, I’m actually looking forward to this campaign. In 2000 with George W. Bush vs. Al Gore? Meh. It wasn’t all that inspiring. Both of those guys were from politically connected families. One couldn’t inspire. The other could barely form a complete sentence. Then, Bush vs. Kerry was like watching a six-month trainwreck. If the Dems couldn’t get a candidate to beat Bush in 2004, that was some bad politicking.

OK, Obama is wrapping it up. 20,000 people are going nuts. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

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