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Random thoughts… because my brain can't assemble anything more

As much as I’d like to write a long missive about a hot topic, let’s just take this as a chance to do some spring cleaning of my noggin.

  • After watching the NBA playoffs on TBS, I can honestly say that I detest The Bill Engvall Show, which is really odd since I haven’t seen any more than the previews. I guess it’s because it’s such an unoriginal idea. “Hey… it’s a comedian who’s a dad. And he has little control over his kids. And a hot wife.” I liked it when it was Home Improvement, Everybody Loves Raymond and even the Cosby Show. I hate the other dozen or so.
  • Been watching The Office reruns on TBS, as well. One thing I’ve never understood is why Michael’s boss always seems to report to the CFO. I’ve never seen a company where sales reports directly to the financial side of the organization. Is this because none of the writers ever worked for a real company, or are they pointing out that Dunder-Mifflin is just that screwed up.
  • They’re showing the rerun now where Jim teaches Dwight to speak a la Benito Mussolini. Brilliant!
  • Another reason that Youtube is the greatest thing since sliced bread? This clip from the Match Game. I want Richard Dawson’s tux. And haircut.
  • I had a dream the other night that I got into an argument with John McCain. He wanted to start attacking Iran with nuclear weapons within days of becoming president. I was screaming at him that it was going to lead to a regional – if not world – war. He just kept giggling and reaching for a red button.
  • If you don’t think that dream meant anything to me, you’re crazy.
  • My girl Beth now has a kick-ass blog about being a mom. If you’re not reading it, check it out. Great name – Mother Bunker.
  • My four-person beach volleyball team is cranking back up. After a year as the “Wu Tang Clan,” I think we’re going with “Sets on the Beach” or “Fourplay on the Beach.” I’m still holding out for “Alan Parsons Project.”
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  1. May 30, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Dude, a shout-out! I love it. Also, stop dreaming about John McCain.

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