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Mining comedy gold at Hulu, part 2

In the last post, we ran down #6-10 in my newly-created list: TOP 10 Saturday Night Live Sketches You May Have Forgotten But Are Still Pretty Funny. Without further adieu, let’s play the feud!

5) Chris Evert joins Lothar of the Hill People. The Lothar sketches were always average to above-average, but this one killed me because it’s pretty inventive. How do you tie a tennis champion to a sketch about prehistoric man? I’m not really sure, but when Evert says that she’s queen of the “courts of clay,” that just gets me.

4) The Bensonhurst Dating Game. I’ll be honest with you, I had completely forgotten about this sketch. Just a bunch of Brooklyn accents in a dating game format. Somehow, it really works. Especially with a Joe Pecci who’s especially dialed in as the host of the game show. Plus, the latent (but blatant) racism kills me.

3) George Will talks sports. Sometimes, I wish they’d record the meetings that lead to these sketches. “Let’s take George Michael’s Sports Machine and replace George Michael with George Will and mock his scholastic approach to baseball.” Not the best impressions in the world (Jon Lovitz’s version of Tommy Lasorda is painful), but it was a good effort. Will just throws out some hefty words, and they just fall flat. Haven’t seen it since it originally aired. It holds up well.

2) E. Buzz Miller talks about art. This is my loan “forgotten classic” from the original cast, but I think a lot of people remember this character from Dan Akroyd from his sketches about Christmas toys. This, to me, is just as good. Just a guy talking about naked people in paintings. I think it’s Lorraine Neuman’s laugh that gets me. If nothing else, it makes me want to go to an art gallery and say, “I don’t think that anybody could disagree that this is a very nice painting of a broad on a couch.”

1) Phil Hartman creeps out America pitching a line to 2 Live Crew. This is one of those sketches that I remembered from its original airing, but it never showed up in reruns on Comedy Centrol or the E! channel. It’s a great premise… a bunch of desk jockeys pitch song ideas to Luther Campbell from 2 Live Crew. Phil Hartman creeps us out early with a great idea about something to do with his “backdoor friend.” It’s also a great venue for Chris Rock. This was a gem hiding on Hulu, and I’m glad I found it again.

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