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Listen to this guy: Dave Barnes

The other day, I was listening to a tune by Howie Day or some similar contemporary singer-songwriter. I glanced at the iTunes app and noticed a name in the “Other listeners bought” window for a guy named Dave Barnes. Having never heard of him, I clicked on his name and listened to a 30-second clip of his song, “On a Night Like This.”

This doesn’t happen all that often, but within a few seconds, I was hooked. Thinking nothing of it, I bought the entire album for a scant $7. And, probably for the first time since college, I “discovered” an unknown singer who I think will make a huge mark on the industry someday. Or maybe not. I thought the Fine Young Cannibals were the next Beatles (not really, but you get the point – I’m a dork).

Anyway, here’s what I dig about Dave’s music. Even though he may be similar to guys like Howie Day, Jack Johnson, and other guys out there, he has a very unique sound. Bluesy country mixed with R&B. It’s like somebody said they wanted to be a country music singer, but they got lost listening to a bunch of Motown and Stax records.

And it’s that melding of sounds that I think speaks to me the most. He’s taken a lot of the best elements of Southern sounds and jammed them together. Happily, he’s also a pretty decent lyricist, so his music can be sentimental and sensitive without being sappy.

The only negative I can think of? He was discovered by Amy Grant, who’s not really one of my favorites. But this was a good find. So, check him out.

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  1. Team Barnes
    May 6, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    You can vote the new music video for “Until You” by Dave Barnes onto MTVU’s regular rotation!

    Vote here: http://www.mtvu.com/music/freshmen/

    Thank you for spreading the word about Dave Barnes!

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