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Heineken's "Share the Good" ad: Next time, keep the "good" to yourself

For anyone that’s watched some of the NBA playoff’s (let’s all raise our hands… OK, that makes six of us… now, put your hand down and place it back into the waistband of your jeans) you’ve no doubt seen the Heineken “Share the Good” ad. Check it out here.

As a marketing guy who has worked on advertising campaigns before (albeit all print), it makes me wonder what gets into the heads of ad agencies. And more importantly, what gets into the people on the corporate side that approve this ad?

For this one, I think they decided to take the feel-good vibes of the iconic “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” vibe with the creepy, unnatural Good Samaritan motif from Pay it Forward. Put them together, and you get a 30-second bag of crap.

My favorite part occurs at about the 17-second mark, when a very, very nice-looking girl is dropping off a Heineken to an old bearded guy in a cabin. He looks like Uncle Jessie from Dukes of Hazzard crossed with the guy who cleans your windshield in the inner city.

His reaction, though, is the clincher for this creative stank-fest. He lets go a maniacal laugh when she presents him with the beer. Does he laugh at the fact that he’s being presented with an imported brew? Is he cackling because it’s snowy and the girl is wearing a sun dress? Or – and this is my hunch – is it because he’s getting ready to attack her, break the bottle, and use the jagged pieces of glass to hack her to pieces?

By the way, the ad was produced by Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, who also has worked on the… drum roll please… Coca-Cola account. So, they apparently decided to recycle one idea from one employer for another. Well played.

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