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King of the road: More stories from the San Fran trip

Other random notes about the trip to San Francisco:

  • God, what an unbelievably beautiful city. Take away the astronomical cost of living and the ever-present threat that you’ll die in the fiery shaking hell of The Big One, it’s a perfect city. Great weather, nice people, wonderful food. You never ask a San Franciscan why they live there. Just how.
  • Caught Blades of Glory, the Will Farrell epic on figure skating again, on TV on Sunday. Just as Ben Stiller movies are incredibly un-rewatchable (just from the usual cringe factor), Farrell movies are something to be enjoyed over and over. I didn’t really like Blades the first time I saw it. Now, I can appreciate it a bit more. Had some genuine chuckles.
  • The Hilton San Francisco is undergoing construction. It has no Starbucks (couldn’t care) or a sports bar (oh, I care about that). Why even stay open at that point?
  • All cab drivers in the city make you feel like you’re in an action movie when you’re zooming up and down hills. I thought the KGB was after me through most of the stay.
  • Ate breakfast at Judy’s Cafe on Chestnut. The omelet was enjoyable, as was watching the neighborhood wake up. Blocks and blocks of 20- and 30-somethings hitting the street. People in San Fran are all in good shape. Must be all the walking up those hills. Because those omelets will kill a man.
  • On Sunday, we predictably went for sushi, my least favorite cuisine. Yes, I’ve tried it… just don’t like it. After five chicken teriyaki rolls, I convinced the group to go for donuts. We’re now considering opening up a sushi-donut place called “Shonuts.” That name is being trademarked. Don’t steal it.
  • Kudos to Delta for getting me home yesterday. Initially, I was on a red-eye flight to ATL arriving at 5:40, then on to RDU at 7 a.m. Well, the ATL flight was delayed over an hour, and the ticket agent realized I’d never make my connection. The next two ATL-RDU flights were full. She says, “I can get you to JFK at 6:30, then a flight to RDU that leaves at 8:20.” Normally, I hate flying through NYC, but I didn’t like the other options. And you know what? It worked.
  • Best part of the trip – the all-gay flight attendants on the red-eye to JFK. OK, I’m not sure they were gay, but it they weren’t, they missed their calling. Two of them were Nathan Lane in the Birdcage gay. The other was not flaming as much as … let’s just say, smoldering like burning embers. They were all energetic, helpful and just a delight. I played every Elton John song on my iPod during the flight in my honor. For some reason, it seemed like the right thing to do.
  • Number of times I had “It’s Raining Men” in my head during the flight.  About 12.
  • Speaking of flying, I slept on a plane!! Figured out the secret. Noise-canceling headphones. Classical music (a Beethoven mass followed by some Hayden string quartets). Twice I kicked back – the half-full plane afforded me my own row – and got lost in the music. I opened my eyes and realized the music was finished. An entire album, about an hour each. Happened twice. Two hours of sleep on a red-eye. A new personal best.
  • Plus, if Baby Mozart is true, my IQ went up about 2 points on the way home.  Look out 100… I’m coming for ya.
  • I look forward to my next trip to Frisco. The city that, like a Will Farrell movie, only gets better with time.
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