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Stories from a plane ride

Had to go to San Francisco today for a business conference, and I took a flight from Raleigh to Cincy, then on to the Bay Area.  I’m exhausted, but the flight from CVG to SFO was rather notable, for some really unnoteworthy reasons.

  • As we were waiting to board, I spied a guy waiting for the flight who was a dead ringer for Richard Dreyfuss.  So much so that I almost nudged the guy next to me and said, “Hey, is that Richard Dreyfuss?”  Since he didn’t board in first class, I’m guessing it wasn’t him.
  • About three hours into the four-and-a-half hour flights, a lady got up about three rows down and fainted in the aisle.  Within 30 seconds, we had three flight attendants, two doctors and two nurses assessing the scene.  Contrast that to a fainting the Wife and I witnessed on the way back from Vegas last month.  One nurse to attend to another fainting.  Too bad we didn’t have the cast from ER on that flight.
  • What made the whole fainting episode even more bizarre (for me, at least) was that I was asleep when it happened.  I so rarely sleep on a plane, and this time, I almost have a 50-year-old woman faint in my lap.  That’ll show me.
  • Oh, and there was another celebrity near-sighting.  A guy about 10 rows up looked a lot like Jerry Seinfeld.  Not as much as the Dreyfuss guy.
  • And yes, I missed the UNC-Louisville NCAA game tonight.  Glad that Tyler Hansbrough brought another one home.  I could write more about this, but I’m so freakin’ tired, it’s not funny.
  • Not really about the plane ride, but the Hilton San Fran put me in a room right by the elevators.  God, this sucks.
  • And another thing about tonight’s arrival in San Fran.  After getting room service and figuring out that nothing was on TV, I’ve been watching episodes of 30 Rock on Hulu.  Great site.
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