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It's Bilas and Endberg at the Sweet Sixteen

I’m enjoying the CBS feed tonight, not just because the Tar Heels are ahead at this point in the second half (it’s 41-25 at the 14:33 mark as I type this). The game is nice because we have the always steady and objective Dick Enberg paired with the knowledgeable and objective Jay Bilas. After two weekends of Billy Packer, it’s like I’ve been released from some negative, nit-picking prison.

This is what I mean. Bilas points out at the outset that Washington State is going to try to control tempo and slow the game down. That makes sense, although that’s what everyone tries to do and since UNC is 34-2, it doesn’t work that often. As I pointed out in my Billy Packer Drinking Game, if Billy were to make that point, he’d grind it to the ground and continue going to that well.

Bilas? He hits that point early and often, which is logical since UNC was scoring at about a 48-point clip early about halfway through the first half. Then, they caught fire, started playing some defense and started manhandling the Cougars.

And here’s where he differs from Bilas. He changes on the fly. He starts talking about the other things going on in the game. How Carolina’s bench is getting their shots… where the break opportunities are coming from… how UNC’s defense has ratcheted up a notch.

Packer would have been tied to his keys to the game that he wouldn’t be able to adjust. He’d harp on them well into the second half, then left with no other points to go to, he’d be forced to just second-guess every decision for the rest of the game.  No insight.  Just hindsight.

So, good job Jay and Dick.  Keep up the nice work.

Oh, and the other thing I’ve enjoyed about tonight’s buildup to the game was Bob Knight’s pronunciation of Washington as “War-shington.”  That just kills me.  It’s also funny to see Vitale analyze games with his nose firmly up Knight’s ass.  That’s a talent right there.

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