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Update on the 1993 UNC team: Reliving the 21-point FSU comeback

I came home at lunch yesterday, and since this is UNC-Dook week, I checked to see if ESPN Classic was playing any good games from the series history. There are a few on Friday, but before that, they showed the 1993 game yesterday afternoon when UNC hosted Florida State – and came back from a 21-point victory with less than nine minutes left. Pretty good timing, given my recent ramblings comparing today’s Tar Heels to that 1993 team.

That game was incredible, and it reminded me a lot of the Clemson win from earlier this year. Except, this year’s turnaround was a paltry 15-point comeback – and it required two overtimes for Carolina to get the W. What was wild about that FSU game is that Carolina came all the way back and ended up winning by five points. That’s not too shabby.

Other memories from that game:

  • I was at that game, comfortably seated in row W of one of the corner sections of the upper deck. For those that don’t know the Smith Center seating chart like I do, that’s two rows from the top of the arena. The game is mostly a rumor from back there, but it was still exciting.
  • What everyone remembers about that game was the build-up from the previous year. After winning at UNC in 1992, FSU’s Sam Cassell called the Smith Center atmosphere a “wine and cheese” crowd. So, when he came back in 1993, we were ready. I have vague memories of trying to start a “Peanut head… peanut head!” cheer during the game. Because his head was – and is – peanut shaped.
  • Watching the game again last night on the DVR, I was awe-struck at just how bad UNC was playing. FSU hit Eric Montross with the same gameplan they used in real-time last night against Tyler Hansbrough – sag around the big guy and make it impossible for him to do damn near anything. Montross was effectively useless for long stretches, and it almost worked.
  • The comeback was really spurred by a couple of three-pointers by Henrick Rodl, who had been playing like a drunken, near-sighted troglodyte up to that point. In fact, the whole team was 1-for-9 from the three-point line until Rodl’s miracle threes. Then the dam burst.
  • I had forgotten that Montross got three fouls with a lot of time left in the first half. It was the Kevin Salvadori show for a good amount of time. That Dobards guy from FSU made him his bitch… repeatedly.

My son watched the end of the game with me. He wanted to know if I stormed the court with the rest of the students.

“No, Daddy was waaaay too far away from the court for that. By the time I got there, everybody would have gone home for the night.”

Good times. Good times.

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  1. alt4unc
    March 10, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    Hey! You can tell your son that his favorite aunt stormed the court (since she had lower level fifth row seats) and bumped into (yes, literally) Peanut Head! Go Heels! 🙂

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