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Dook-UNC, Henderson v. Hansbrough: It's time to jump around

Yesterday, I had one of those great moments where being a dad just takes on a different light. No, my son didn’t cure cancer or win the big game. He just did something that made me laugh – and got me very fired up for the Dook-UNC tonight.

What happened? On the way home from school, we heard House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” the same song that Carolina (and probably three dozen other schools) plays before the opening tip of all basketball games. The kids in the stands start jumping up and down, and during my kid’s two visits to the Smith Center this year, that was his highlight. He loved watching the students jumping on the risers next to the court – and then continuing up to the upper deck. All the while, the players on the court have their own dance-a-thon, and it’s just a frenzied atmosphere.

(Long-winded sidenote: I gotta tell you, as a grad over 10 years removed from school, this is a phenomenal enhancement to UNC games. I completely dig Danny Green’s dance before the game – clip. It shows that these games, regardless of the hoopla and pressure, are just that – games. The word “fun” isn’t bandied about too much, but Roy Williams wants the kids to take that moment – before the opening tip – to have some fun. Good for him. And if you ever think that Coach K would ever allow this display of emotion, forget it. Paulus would probably flop during the dance, anyway.)

But I digress… after I find the song on XM, I look back in the rear view mirror to see if he had figured out which song it was. Within 2-3 seconds, he screamed “This is that song!” and then, in his booster seat, he started jumping around. “I look like the kids at Ramses’ school,” he said (because every school “belongs” to the mascots at our house). He continued bouncing for the entire song. God only knows how he didn’t choke himself on the seatbelt.

It was a great moment, not even dampened by the fact that my son was listening to a song with this lyric: “I’ll serve your ass like John McEnroe | If your girl steps up, start smacking the ho.” Gotta love rap that refers to tennis stars and assaulting females in the same breath. (Note: this website does not endorse aging tennis stars or assaulting females… just wanted to get that on the record).

And after that display, I was completely ready for the Dook game tonight. I don’t think that we’ll win without Ty (Dook’s too good for us to go in without our starting PG). But I’m not copping out. I really expect it to be a good game. And it’ll be fun. I guess that’s the point, isn’t it?

Just wish it came on before my son’s bedtime. Maybe he can stay up to jump around before bed.

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