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Ty Lawson's hurt, the Pats miss history… Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Boy, even though I went into Super Sunday with a spring in my step and a gleam in my eye, I ended the night limping to bed like a boxer with two closed eyes.  Sure, you look at the paper this a.m., and it doesn’t look that bad.  UNC beat Florida State on the road, and the Patriots lost a close one (which technically shouldn’t matter because I’ve forsworn all allegiance to NFL teams).

Yesterday, though, was much more than what you’d see in the box scores.  The UNC game was a W, yes, but at what cost?  Ty Lawson, the point guard and catalyst for this years Tar Heel squad, went down with a high-ankle sprain.  Dook looms on the schedule, with a Wednesday night game (albeit a home game) staring us in the face.  The timing of the injury was, in one word, suck-tastic.

Ty’s status this morning isn’t very clear.  His quote after the game does little to calm my nerves:

“It’s a type of ankle sprain that I haven’t had before,” Lawson said after limping off the court at the Tucker Civic Center. “It feels real high, it affects the way I run … it’s pretty bad.

“… I know I’m not practicing tomorrow, maybe I’ll practice Tuesday, we’ll see how it goes. I don’t even know about Wednesday; it’s probably a game-time decision.”

That sound you hear is the sphincters of a million UNC fans slamming shut.

Anyway, after the UNC game, I had a couple of hours before the Super Bowl, so my son and I played outside a bit, did some kindergarten-level homework, and watched some Disney Channel.  I was calmed down a bit… then the game started.

Somehow, on the opening drive, when Eli Manning converted two third-and-longs, I knew that this game was going to be different.  What I didn’t expect was for Tom Brady to just be, well, off the entire night.  If it wasn’t his ankle, then I have no reason why he misfired on 3-4 passes.  And, no, it wasn’t the pass rush.  There were several times where he just airmailed it or underthrew the receiver.  Completely out of character.  And a bad time for a bad game.

The whole night reminded me that, although I’m a man without a country, it’s sometimes a blessing.  After the UNC game, it would have been great to watch the Super Bowl with some detachment.  But, no, I start hating on the ’72 Dolphins (here and here), and I wanted – needed! – the Pats to win.  They don’t come through, and I find myself going to bed in a funk.  A FUNK!  Just because they didn’t make history on my watch.

Guess I don’t really have a point.  Except I need a break from sports. Luckily, I have 10,000 things at work to do.  That should help.  Until tip-off Wednesday night.  God, I feel queasy.

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