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Poor, poor Chris Myers – the real loser at Super Bowl XLII

One of the things I didn’t mention in my snit earlier today about the Super Bowl is that Patriots fans weren’t the only people who should be down today. Just thank God, Allah and Buddha that you’re not Chris Myers from Fox Sports, who had the thankless job of interviewing Bill Belichick after losing the Super Bowl… a shot at history… and the sleeves to his hoodie.

Click here for the video. It’s fantastic. At any point, you’re just waiting on Myers to scream out, “C’mon, Bill, this wasn’t my idea! Cut a brotha some slack!” Or, he could have gone the other way and hollered, “Did you order the Code Red?!?!” Either way, it was uncomfortable.

The whole life of a sideline reporter has to be hell. I mean, they always have to catch coaches on their way to the locker room at the half (when, let’s face it, EVERYONE is trying to just get to the bathroom). Hell, Coach K won’t even do these interviews – or at least he didn’t at one point. He sends one of his assistants for these sessions.

If the halftime chat is dangerous, the post-game interview with the losing coach deserves hazard pay. Anybody remember the epic interview with then-Kansas coach Roy Williams melting down on CBS’ Bonnie Bernstein after losing the NCAA final? Wait, here’s a clip.

So, by mid-day, I was thinking that being a sideline report is the worst form of life. Then I saw these pics of everyone’s favorite sideline bunny, Erin Andrews. The subhead at the top says it all. “Oh, the humanity.” Indeed.

I take it back. We need sideline reporters. Sweet sassy molassy, that’s some good sideline reporting.

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