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What else to watch for on Super Sunday…

Tomorrow, me and about 100 million of my best friends will all sit down to watch Super Bowl XLII. This Super Bowl isn’t a large, not even an XL. It’s two past XL. If this Super Bowl were a pair of pants, they’d fit Louie Anderson.

But, since the sporting public is hyperventilating about the upcoming NFL finale, I want to talk about what I’m looking for tomorrow. Why? Because it’s my blog. If you get a blog and give it one of the weirdest URLs ever, you can write you own screed like this.

First of all, my beloved Tar Heels face off against Florida State in Tallahassee tomorrow at 2 p.m. Not only do I hate having a game that I care about besides the Super Bowl (I mean, will the Wife let me watch upwards of six hours of sports tomorrow?). But, I feel a stinker coming up for the Heels. Three reasons:

  1. FSU is a bad place to play (smaller venues are always tough for anyone on the road). More importantly, FSU is one of the, oh, 11 other teams in the ACC that LOVE to beat UNC. For at least one or two games a year, we’re they’re biggest rivals. That’s always tough.
  2. The next game on the schedule is the game against Duke on Wednesday night. Think we might look past the ‘Noles to focus on the Devils. Oh, you betcha.
  3. With the Patriots going for 19-0 in the Super Bowl, it’s quite possible that both teams will be trying to get the game over with in time to see Paula Abdul debut her song on the Fox pregame show. And oh, I wish that I was making that last part up.

Once the UNC game is over – win or lose – I’ll be ready to see what happens in the football game in Arizona. Here are the off-the-beaten path things that I’ll be checking on during the game.

References to the 1972 Dolphins. Double bonus if we get a shot of Mercury Morris’ head exploding. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve always hated the way that the old Fins have comported themselves as the Colts in 2005 and the Pats this year took a shot at their record. Let me quote… me… for a second.

Of course, we all remember when Joe DiMaggio celebrated the end of Pete Rose’s hitting streak when Rose’s 44-game effort approached Joltin’ Joe’s record of 56. What? Oh, he DIDN’T go to Toots Shor’s for highballs and a nice steak that night in 1978? Hmmm, interesting.

The worst part of this whole bruhaha is that they have done nothing but tarnish their legacy with the actions of Coach Shula, Morris, Larry Csonka and others (as other articles pointed out, you don’t see Bob Griese or other players puling this shit, so the whole team isn’t guilty… but it’s close). But here’s the sad part: Don Shula was once in my list of great statesmen of sports, but his open cheering to “protect” his legacy is demeaning. In fact, this is the one reason that I’m completely behind the Patriots. Screw the ’72 Fins.

Show me the Mara (Kate Mara). You may not know this actress, but for anyone that watched We Are Marshall, you’ll remember her. She played the coed who lost her fiancee in the plane crash. Never did grieving look so adorable and sexy. Kate is also the granddaughter of Wellington Mara, one of the founders of the G-men. Hopefully, she’ll be in the booth, and when they go to shots of the team owners, Miss Mara will be there.

Get your Tom Petty jokes ready. I got nothing against Mr. Petty or his Heartbreakers. But, seriously, for anyone under 40 (and really, isn’t that the target demo that everyone wants?) Tom Petty at the Super Bowl is like asking your dad’s half-cool friend to play your high school graduation party. Sure, it’ll probably work out OK, but there’s a chance your friends won’t “get” about 40% of the playlist.

And seriously, NFL, what’s up with the “bag of bones” technique that you’re dragging to the halftime shows in the post-Janet era? First, you gave us Paul McCartney in Jacksonville in XXXIX. The British superstar in the South. I guess nobody that grew up in the South was available for that one.

Next year, it was the Rolling Stones in Detroit. Because there were no acts that come to mind when you think of Detroit. Not like there’s a list of Motown performers you could pick from like a fat man ordering at IHOP. Like, say, this list I found on the web. Luckily, Prince rocked last year, or you’d be on your way to making the official Super Bowl halftime show more irrelevant than the Lingerie Bowl.

Oh yeah, and there’s a game tomorrow. Here are my fearless predictions.

Patriots, 31-20. MVP: Wes Welker. Patriots don’t score on the first drive, but they take control in the latter part of the first half. The Giants suffer a couple of killer turnovers, but Eli Manning has a decent day overall. In the end, the G-Men can’t find the horses to stay with the Pats receiving corps. May the best team win.

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