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Did Patrick Crayton throw the game? (my thoughts on Giants-Cowboys)

Tonight, I watched the Cowboys lose to the Giants, and if I was ever thankful that I spurned my allegiance to the ‘Boys, it was tonight (to recap: the Cowboys signed TO, and after two decades of support, I just gave up because, really, they don’t care about me, so I don’t have to care about them). This game would have been gut wrenching, not just because the Cowboys’ choke job turned Eli Manning into a clutch performer (no small feat). It’s mostly because the pre-T.O. Dallas fan in me would have been absolutely sure that Patrick Crayton threw this game.

Yes, I’m saying it here. The old me would completely believe that someone in the betting community got to Crayton – probably the same shadowy figure that is getting pro tennis players to throw matches and sully the reputation of one of the most minor of major sports. They must have offered him a $10 million reward for doing what he could to “give” the game to the Giants.

You can see it, right? “Just 2-3 plays in our favor,” the guy says, speaking to Crayton in an alley earlier this week. Oh, and by the way, the shadowy betting guy in my imagination is the old guy who fixed the 1919 World Series (played by Michael Lerner – thanks IMDB) in Eight Man Out.

Why would the bettors fixate on Crayton? That’s a mystery to me. But, the way he was popping his mouth off in the preceding week makes one believe that intelligence isn’t his strong suit. Regardless, let’s take a look at the plays on the field. It’s almost inconceivable that any NFL-caliber player could have such a horrible day. Peep it…

The play that everyone will get all the pub is the pass Crayton dropped following a Romo scramble – a pass that Romo threw on the run after eluding practically half of the Giants defense. I mean, even Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson had a shot at Romo. But, Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend got off an incredible pass, which hit Crayton right in the hands. And he acted like the ball was made of a mixture of plutonium, feces and axle grease.

[Fun sidenote: With Brett Favre in the waning years of his career, it’s good that Tony Romo is going to fill the void of “Player whose name and personality requires broadcasters to use first and last names on every use.” Think about it, you never hear Madden say, “Favre does this or Favre does that.” It’s “Brett Favre is the best player in the game, because Brett Favre plays at such a level that requires a Brett Favre-like Brett Favre-itude.” Tony Romo is RARELY called just Romo. It’s “Tony Romo with the pass.” I’m looking forward to this.]

There was also the dropped pass in the end zone in the third quarter. That was a little dicier to pin on Mr. Crayton, but as a grieving fan, the old me would be all over it.

But the worst one was on the third down play on Dallas’ final drive. I’ll let the AP copy tell the story:

Then came another false start, a short pass that forced Dallas to use its final timeout and a pair of poor throws — a ball in the end zone that Patrick Crayton seemed to give up on before speeding up at the last second and the final play caught by McQuarters in front of Terry Glenn.

He… gave… up… on… the… ball. On third-and-a-mile. With only a half-minute remaining. You’d have to be on the take for this to happen. Right? Unbelievable.

Anyway, I’m just so glad I’m not a Cowboys fan now. And as if I needed any more proof that I made the right choice a couple of years ago, did you catch Jerry Jones standing three feet away from Wade Phillips during the fourth quarter? Christ, even Mark Cuban wouldn’t have been that involved.

Too bad Cowpokes. Congrats Eli and the Jints. Have fun in Green Bay.

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