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Things I'm doing tonight rather than watching the contrived BCS "championship" game

Tonight, the college football award will try to anoint its national champion with all the precision and deft care of a drunk frat boy trying to piss on a lit cigarette… while riding in the back of an RV… being driven by an even drunker frat guy… down a gravel road… at night… without headlights…

So, as I do every year, I’m ignoring the whole shebang. Because, I mean, if the championship isn’t decided on the field but by a bunch of fat guys (read: coaches) and sometimes even fatter guys (read: sportswriters) and their voting habits, why should I watch the game?

Here’s a quick update on what I’m doing tonight as the BCS championship is going down:

  • TBS is showing a solid Family Guy rerun. Brian is trying to convince Mayor Adam West not to pass a gay marriage ban. Highlight thus far: Peter’s amazement of how good the brownies are from Quahog’s gay district. “They pack so much fudge into this.” Indeed.
  • Comedy Central is showing a similarly solid episode of Scrubs, where Turk messes up a surgery, and J.D. has to uncover it – and out his friend’s mistake. This episode – which is from the first season, I guess – is notable because I’ve forgotten how hot Sarah Chalke was that first couple of season. Back when she was going with the frazzled young doctor look, it was amazing. Kinda like Rachel during the first couple of seasons of Friends. Just obscenely hot.
  • When I’m not watching those two shows, I’m pondering why the Bowl Championship Series has a championship. So, it’s the Bowl Championship Series Championship. Kinda like PIN number. Dumbasses.
  • Seriously, the whole BCS thing is so freakin’ retarded that it almost defies language. The main argument that any of anti-playoff folks usually give is that a post-season tournament will devalue those autumn Saturday afternoon games. But, here we stand with two teams in the “championship,” one with two losses and the other with one. And, I’m supposed to believe that this system protects the sanctity of the regular season.
  • I mean, c’mon… did anyone watch the UNC-Clemson basketball game last night. Two teams left everything on the floor for 45 minutes. Both teams were just gassed at the end. The crowd was even exhausted. So, you’re trying to tell me that a post-season tourney devalued that game? Kiss my ass!
  • Well, I have another thing to watch now… AMC is showing Firefox, the best movie that Clint Eastwood ever made about stealing a top-secret Soviet fighter plane. All in all, it’s dreck. American Movie Classics? I doubt it.
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