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Do the names of TV channels matter anymore?

Tonight, I sat down and surfed the channels a bit.  When I got to Channel 54, I stumbled across In the Line of Fire, a pretty decent Eastwood movie.  Of course, channel 54 is TV Land.  The channel that was formed to give us a chance to see classic (or near-classic) shows like Sanford & Son and The Beverly Hillbillies.  So, they’re playing a 1993 suspense movie.  That makes sense.

Of course, it’s just the next example in a weird trend.  Last year, AMC unveiled an original series, Mad Men.  American Movie Classics… with an original program.  Now, Mad Men was a phenomenal show, so I’m not really complaining, but it was odd to see them divert from their primary focus.  My colleague Craig noted that AMC officially lost it when the showed Look Who’s Talking 2.  Touche.

This whole thing started about 15 years ago when MTV – a groundbreaking channel in its simplistic focus that was right there in the title, Music Television.  Once the Real World hit, the Viacom gang realized that MTV should show more original programming.  Before long, the only time you saw videos were when Beavis and Butthead were commenting on them.

So, MTV begat MTV2… which now apparently shows non-music programming, too.  We have another MTV (MTV Hits, I think) that still shows some videos. But if you’re keeping score, we’ve had to create three music television channels to get one that shows music on television.

Anyway, I’m glad to see In the Line of Fire again, regardless of where it shows up.  Eastwood was fantastic, Malkovich was his usual creepy best, and Rene Russo was at the late part of her fantastic peak of crazy hotness.  And wow, Kenny Banya from Seinfeld is a secret service agent.  Just saw that.  Makes me wonder if they’re looking for the Ovaltine killer.

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