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Sitting around, watching the Youtube

In the past few weeks, I’ve said the following phrase about two dozen times: Thank God for Youtube. In fact, if there’s nothing on TV, I can easily kill an hour or so watching clips on the web.

So, since I’ve hit a creative brick wall (seriously, I’m a brain cell away from drooling), I thought I’d share some of the best stuff I’ve found on Youtube.

  • One of the best NewsRadio clips ever is right here. Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor. It’s crizappy. Actually, this one is even better. The Internet wasn’t complete until I could see the Super Karate Monkey Death Car scene.
  • To get caught up with the first seven seasons of the Sopranos, you could either devote an entire weekend to watching DVD after DVD. Or, you could watch this seven-minute compilation of everything that happened prior to this season.
  • You could spend hours watching good Family Guy clips on Youtube. Try these: Peter singing Christmas carols, Peter singing “Shipoopi” during a Patriots football game (it makes even less sense when you watch it), Luke Skywalker getting crap from another rebel pilot… and a compilation of the best scenes from my favorite character, Blackuweather meteorologist Ollie Williams.
  • I’m not a huge hockey fan, but these goals from Penguins standout Sidney Crosby are amazing. Plus, some of the play-by-play is in Frency. Magnifique!
  • Vince Carter’s top 10 dunks from UNC. I saw many of these in person from court level. The replays almost do them justice. Almost. Holy crap! The only problem is there are a couple from the exhibition games his freshman year that should have been included.

Anyway, hope I’ve helped you kill a good chunk of your time. I’ll be back with something more original soon.

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  1. carmen
    May 1, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    Hey Hamsta – You know my weakness has always been the Terry Tate Office Linebacker Superbowl commercial.

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