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Is it time for a little Gator-hate?

It’s official. THE University of Florida is now the center of the known collegiate sports universe. So, if most of the nation hates Duke because of their long-term success (as I mentioned previously), shouldn’t we just freakin’ despise the Gators at this point?

I mean, shouldn’t those of us who didn’t attend THE Ohio State University (or Florida State or Miami) hate Florida? Back to back b-ball championships with a football title mixed in? That’s absurd.

So, I thought I should start my jealousy-fueled hatred today. Sure it’s forced. Does Joakim Noah rise to the level of Christian Laettner in my book. Hardly. Last I checked they both were fairly ego-driven pretty boys. Noah didn’t stomp on anyone’s chest, though. I knew Christian Laettner. I watched Christian Laettner. And Noah? He’s no Laettner.

Is there a Bobby Hurley or a Shane Battier in the group? The charge-drawing, hustle-obsessed piss-ant that just gets under your skin? Not really. That Humprey kid shows promise, but he’s a lot less demonstrable. He just makes shots. Killer 3s.

But… c’mon, the media tells me that we loathe the Yankees or the Celtics because of their success. And Florida’s been successful, so let’s get our hate on.

OK… let’s see. Billy Donovan is a good, young energetic coach. Roy Williams once said he was bending the rules to get recruits… but that never stuck. The football coach, Urban Meyer, left Utah in a hurry… but who wouldn’t? They are both winning very successfully, and as far as I can tell, they aren’t any dirtier than any other SEC coach (they stay within the salary cap, as it were). So, coaches are a bit difficult for the outsider to hate.

Let’s take a look at the fans. The Gator chomp is indeed annoying, but compared to the FSU’s tomahawk chop? It’s the picture of refinement and deportment. And the students themselves? I’ve seen UF coeds, and there’s nothing, NOTHING, to hate there. In fact, after a trip to Gainesville in college, I seriously considered transferring. Yowza!

I’m not a fan of an SEC team, so if familiarity breeds contempt, then that won’t work. The kids just strike me as good, decent guys who put the team first — during the game and even when it comes down to life decisions like “should I turn pro?”

So, dammit, I can’t hate the Gators. Congrats Gator nation. You earned it.

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