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So I'm eating at Spagos in Vegas with Eva Longoria the other night…

That headline got you, huh? Well, I went to Vegas last week with 200,000 of my closest friends — apparently, I have friends from SoCal who are either gang-bangers, thugs, ne’er-do-wells or straight-up ganstas who wanted to go to the 2007 NBA All-Star game. OK, technically, I wasn’t there for the game (IT tradeshow in the house — can I get a what what!). But, I technically did have dinner with Eva Longoria at Spagos last Sunday night.

But first, some background. What can I say about Vegas last weekend that hasn’t been said about Darfur. It was chaotic, unsafe and borderline anarchic. I just got there on Sunday afternoon, which is a good thing. I only saw one night of the craziness. [For an exhaustive account, Bill Simmons from ESPN.com wrote this article on the festivities, tabbing the weekend “Hip Hop Woodstock”]

When my buddy James and I landed at the airport on Sunday night, the first thing that struck me was the relative calm in the baggage claim area. True, most of the horde was already on the Strip, partying, gambling or cleaning their weapons. But, once we hit Caesar’s Palace, our hotel, it only took about two minutes to completely lose any sense of reality. It usually takes an hour or so before Vegas resets your reality clock.

This time, we check into Caesar’s as a traditional Chinese dragon dance is taking place behind us. We’re yelling over an incessant drum beat playing at approximately 130 decibels while a very attractive and perky Scandanavian desk attendant checked us in. It was Chinese New Years, and apparently, this is the year of the hallucinogenic mushroom. Vegas 1, Reality 0.

Later that night, one of our colleagues took us to Spagos, located in the mall adjacent to Caesar’s. The four of us at the table were about halfway through dinner when I saw Tony Parker enter the restaurant. Of course, my next statement was “Where is she? Where is she? In the name of all that is good and pure, where is she?” And there she was. Eva Longoria, my favorite Desperate Housewife, sitting at a table about 20 feet away… directly in my eye-line. Best meal ever? I think so.

Now, to this point, my top celebrity sighting in Vegas in any trip was Sugar Ray Leonard. And I had such a quick look, it might have just been a short cab driver. So, seeing Eva and Tony in real life was a real treat.

Anytime, I see a celebrity in real life, I always like to compare them to what I expected them to look like in real life. Yogi Berra? Met him at a UNC softball game (his granddaughter was on the team), and he was even shorter — and somehow funnier — than I expected. Julia Roberts? Saw her on the heels of the Pretty Women craze while she was making Dying Young in Wilmington, NC. In person, she was much shorter, and not as charismatic than I expected (but really, how could she possibly live up to a 17-year-old boy’s expectations at that point – we’re talking sky-high expectations there).

Eva? Well, I’d heard she’s petite, and that’s true. But, in person, she’s just radiant. The whole restaurant stopped. Hell, our waitress, a Boston native who had been doing a top-notch job thus far, freakin’ abandoned us to chase down the bigger check (and tip). Our bus boy, Miguel, took us home (you da hombre, Miguel).

My favorite point of the night: the time that I looked up from my $65 steak to see Eva glancing at me. I glanced back. And in that one split-second, we established a connection. Just for a instant, she was looking at me, and I’m reasonably sure I didn’t have a noodle hanging off my chin.

Naturally, she quickly averted her eyes and glanced at her wrist for the time. Too bad she wasn’t wearing a watch. Oh well, it just goes to show you… whether the girl is an a-list celebrity or an average coed at a college kegger, women don’t want anything at all to do with me. Talk about slamming back to reality in Sin City.

I have more Vegas stories on tap, but this is the first one (obviously) that I wanted to share. More to come…

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