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Hey, MSNBC… watch those headlines

Yesterday, MSNBC pushed a “Breaking News” item to the top of their site. The headline: Court hearing about Anna Nicole Smith’s body. WATCH LIVE.

C’mon, Mr. Editor Guy, don’t you run these through an internal filter (i.e., your brain)? I believe there has already been a court hearing about Anna Nicole’s body in the past – sorta. SCOTUS got involved, as I recall.

OK, the headline is technically correct. There was a court hearing to talk about what should be done with Anna Nicole Smith’s body post mortem. But, as I asked a co-worker, “Imagine if you had just returned from a remote tropical island and hadn’t kept up-to-date with the news. What would this headline tell you?”

The headline also led to my boy Nipsey’s wonderful “what if” courtroom scene. And I quote:

“If it pleases the court, the facts of this case clearly show that Ms. Smith’s gigantic fun bags pose a clear and present danger to society …”

“I OBJECT, your honor! On the grounds that my client’s heaving chesticles are merely her means of saying, ‘Look at me, world! I’m a messy train wreck of a gold-digging whore!,’ and therefore are protected under the First Amendment.”

“Sustained …”

I challenge any legal professionals who regularly read this blog to find any WestLaw proceedings that use the word “chesticles.” Feel free to charge the estate of Anna Nicole $250/hour for your efforts.

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  1. Kevin
    February 16, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    As a legal professional who regularly reads this blog, I would love to take the Chesticle challenge. Unfortunately, in my current in-house position, I don’t have access to Westlaw, so I can’t check for Chesticles. Honestly, there is really no point to my post except I wanted to type the word Chesticles over and over again. Chesticles, he he.

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