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A message for UNC students from an alumus: Here's your sign

A quick note for any UNC students that might ever read this blog. I have a sign for you to make for the Dook game coming up on March 4. Take if from your Uncle Pieman… it’ll be a good one. It’s pretty easy to make and a direct response to a sign held aloft by an arrogant Jersey-ite in Durham last week.

The photo in question shows a surprisingly attractive Dook coed (attractive by comparison to the Dook-ettes I see on TV all the time) holding this sign. If you don’t feel like clicking on the link, it says “Nifong – UNC graduate. Need I say more?”

Well, if Nifong is our worst case scenario as a graduate, then Dook’s most reviled contribution to the world trumps it (and no, I’m not talking about Quin Snyder). This guy’s surname also starts with an “Ni,” and he was also the subject of worldwide ridicule for his job performance. Unfortunately, Dook’s product just, I dunno, trampled on the Constitution and eroded the very core of our government.

So, kiddies, hold up a sign that says, “Nixon – Dook graduate. Need I say more?” Add the picture of Tricky Dick giving the double victory sign as he stepped onto the Marine helicopter that one last time. Game, set, match.

Oh, and not to suggest anything, but I’ve heard there are pictures of a former Dookie named Reggie Love on the web. He got drunk at a UNC party and, well, you probably know the rest. I DO NOT advise “going there” with a sign or anything. Although if you wanted to, you could probably find them by searching “Reggie Love” and “drunk” and “UNC party.” I’m just saying…

Go to hell Dook.

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