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Who says bloggers don't provide astute political commentary?

I’ve typically stayed clear of political topics, but I had to share this. After George W. Bush’s speech tonight outlining the need for more troops in Iraq, I did a quick survey of some of the more prominant political blogs – on both ends of the spectrum (which begs the question… are there any centrist blogs out there? Anywhere for swing voters to congregate? Undecided Update?).

Not surprisingly, the righty blogs were in full damage control mode, backing W. up for the need for more troops to secure Baghdad. Lefties were aghast at the thought and mobilizing for a battle over troop escalation. And on both sides, there’s a view that the deployments are a foregone conclusion. Dubya can and will send the troops. The new Democratic Congress won’t have the balls (or stomach) to withhold funding. Game, set, match.

But, what makes the blogosphere interesting is looking for the odd, offbeat, obscure or just plain funny. For example, conservative blogger Hugh Hewitt opined:

President Bush was at his best tonight: serious, detailed, and above all, resolute. He spoke to many audiences.

Wow… that’s a great endorsement. As the president was pleading his case (in the face of 61% public disapproval for the plan), he was stone cold serious and knew his details. Which implies that sometimes he isn’t and doesn’t. By the way, resolute is a gimme. He thought the mission was accomplished until last November. The man is made of straight-up, 100-proof “Resolute” (it’s great when mixed with orange juice).

This blind groping for a positive spin reminds me of my college sports information days when we would write the bios for media guides. Let’s say you are a walk-on basketball player who only sees playing time when the game is safely out of reach. You’re practice fodder for the future NBA superstar who ritually abuses you every afternoon from October through March.

So, in the media guide, we say you are a “crowd favorite” and that you “lend depth to the backcourt.” The latter just kills me. By virtue of being on the team, you’re adding depth, even if you’ll never be used. But, it beats the cold, unvarnished truth. “Jimmy is a never-used senior point guard who’s actually sixth on the depth chart behind a team manager and a statistician… likes being a practice dummy because being on the team gets him some ‘serious tail’… his favorite movie is Rudy, obviously.”
On the liberal blogs, the mood is a bit fiesty. The lefties have public sentiment on their side, so they can beat the president about the head and shoulders if they so choose. And choose they do. From Daily Kos:

Tonight, Bush outlined a complete New and Improved strategy for Iraq. New and improved as in the way a box of Lucky Charms is new and improved whenever they change the shape of a marshmallow. And that’s an insult to Lucky Charms.

That’s just good, good stuff. Political commentary that’s magically delicious.

Oh well, as we’re on the cusp of sending 20,000+ additional troops to Iraq, it’s nice to see that the blogs will continue to frame the discussion. Except for those of us in the middle. I guess we’ll just have to be serious and resolute. And eat some Lucky Charms.

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