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Enough to make an old Cowboy (fan) cry

Every so often – especially at this time – I’ll stumble across a news item that will just stop me in my tracks… get the eyes welling… crank up the ol’ tear ducts. Usually, it’s about a guy who fixes bikes for hundreds of needy kids. Or, it’s a woman who feeds the homeless out of her own kitchen day after day.

Today, I saw an article that just waylaid me. But to preface things, as I mentioned before, I used to be a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan until they signed Terrell Owens. At that point, I gave up on the team. However, I still have warm, fuzzy memories of watching my favorite team back in the late 70s and early 80s. Back then, I knew every player and memorized stats, hometowns, etc. I was a wee bit obsessed, in the way that only a 8 or 9-year-old can be.

Anyway, today, I learned that former ‘boys running back, Ron Springs, is suffering from some pretty nasty consequences of his diabetes. He needed a kidney transplant. His son, a cornerback with the hated Washington Redskins (of all teams), offered to donate one, but his dad wouldn’t let him end his career that way (you can’t play on one kidney – any blunt trauma to the back would be a game of Russian roulette).

Where did Ron find his kidney? Former teammate – Everson Walls, an All-Pro defensive back – offered one of his. Talk about a bond between teammates. Here they are – over 20 years since playing together – and Walls is giving his friend the ultimate assist. I mean, dig this:

Walls, who will be 47 in two weeks, has never had surgery, or even stayed overnight in a hospital. Now he is voluntarily giving Springs one of his kidneys so hopefully his friend’s quality of life improves.

Not only is this a touching story, it also brings to mind why I’m no longer a Cowboys fan. This same week, the team is dealing with T.O.’s admission that he spit on an opponent last Sunday. And, according to this article, Jerry Jones was going around after the game trying to manufacture a story about a player who took the field with an INJURED FINGER!

Jerry Jones and T.O. Or Ron Springs and Everson Walls. I can’t follow the Cowboys of today. But, I’m a big Everson Walls fan. We should all be.

[As a extraneous sidenote, Ron Springs used to do a radio program for the Cowboys back when I worked in UNC Sports Information. He called to get some info on one of our players — Greg Ellis, maybe — after the Cowboys drafted a Tar Heel. I answered the phone, and when I found out it was Ron, I pretty much lost it. I peppered him with questions about the good ol’ days, and he was gracious and kind, even with a spastic 20-year-old on the other line. God bless you, Ron… and get well soon.]

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