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A brave new world: Sweet Monkey Pie adds a new columnist

Recently, the world lost a great single guy. My boy, Matt, took the plunge and got married, leaving me happy and excited that he’s found his soulmate and blah blah blah. But, it also left me without the perspective of a single guy living on the edge… dating a skein of girls… never once thinking past the next date.

Pretty much, I lost the guy whose life I lived vicariously through (and yes, Mrs. Sellers, I tried 10 different ways to write that sentence, but it always ended in a preposition, even though you said never to do that back in 12th-grade English – and no, I couldn’t diagram this sentence either).

In the same post where I celebrated the end of one fantastic single guy’s adventure, I mentioned how bmoore, 33, my former college roommate, had started dating a 21-year-old. Keep hope alive! Within hours of Matt’s wedding, bmoore had taken the torch and started running with it.

What I didn’t know is that he was just running with it. He was flat-out sprinting with it. Turns out he had some stories from the dating world that couldn’t be summed up in a phone call or a comment.

So, bmoore is becoming the first guest columnist for Sweet Monkey Pie. Let’s all make him feel welcome.

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