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The Office keeps getting better and better

Nothing much to report right now, but I just finished watching The Office (thank God for the DVR). Sweet monkey pie, that was a funny episode.

The show really sings when Jim and Pam either work together to prank someone else in the office – or, in tonight’s case, to play a joke on each other.

This week, Jim decided to point an admittedly “horny” Andy at Pam. But instead of offering any real advice, he gives Andy a list of “turn ons” that are actually things that Pam hates.

And boy, did Ed Helms as Andy ever sell this gag. The man is just fearless. He cemented an all-star turn on this episode with his banjo serenade to Pam at the very end of the episode.  Words can’t describe it.  So, this blog is practically useless at this point.

Another highlight was Michael’s reaction to the staff seeming to prefer jail to the office.  As he put on an absurd “scared straight” act in front of his bemused staff, he was asked what he ate in prison.  I had to jot down his answer.  “Gruel. Gruel sandwiches. Gruel omelets. Nothing but gruel.”  That’s just good stuff.

Oh well, I’m tired.  But, I had a good laugh.  Not a bad night. And I still have Scrubs queued up in the DVR.  God bless the DVR.

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