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Viva Las Vegas… and Viva Matt and his bride

On Friday, I was on my way to a meeting in Chapel Hill. As I parked the car and started to stroll through campus – the trees ablaze in golds, oranges and reds – I thought to myself, Wow, I should call my old college pal Matt (aka, Nipsey) and make him jealous. It’s a ploy I used all the time when he was in San Diego, and then Miami. He lived in near-paradise most of the time, but I was 20 minutes away from our beloved alma mater.

When he answered the phone, I gave him an update on how great the weather was, how cute the coeds looked, etc. Just the standard drill. Then, I asked what he’s up to.

“I’m packing,” he said.

“Where ya going?” I asked.



“Vegas, baby, Vegas!”

“Cool! What brought this on?”

[Pause] “We’re eloping.”

This was just thunderous, earth-shattering news for a couple of different reasons. Nipsey and his betrothed had talked about a wedding sometime in 2007, first in Turkey (where her family is centered) and then in New York (because, presumably, it’s closer than Turkey). But, now the wedding was going down in Vegas in 24 hours. Wow… I did NOT see that coming.

My first reaction is that, Dammit, I can never trump him with any news. Several years ago, I called to let him know of something bizarre that happened at work, and he tells me that he’s actually in Vegas and had spent the previous night “on the town” with a infamous Vegas madam and her cohorts. How did that happen? Damned if I can remember, but at one point he was at a table with a mafia guy, a crooked cop – and they were sharing an appetizer. You can’t beat that story.

The second reason this is earth-shattering is… well, hell, this is my boy Nipsey, who has lived in a state of restless bachelorhood that has alternated between choatic depravity and depraved delirium. Since I’m a married guy in the ‘burbs, I lived vicariously through his tales of beautiful new relationships — and how they went awry. Now that was ending.

But, after the initial shock, I couldn’t express how happy I was (and am). I haven’t met the Mrs. Nipsey yet, but from what I hear, Yasemin’s a keeper – and he’s a lucky man. Kudos on making it legal, Nip. It’s harder for her to get away then.

Of course, it was a bittersweet moment for me — and for a cadre of my friends who don’t even know Nipsey but have heard the stories and now wait anxiously, as I do, for the next one. Those days are gone. His next stories will be about eradicating weeds from the garden and finding the perfect topiary display to compliment the drapes. OK, that’s highly unlikely, but still. The world has changed.

But they always say, “When one door closes, another opens.” Last night, I had a chat with bmoore, another Carolina alum who is still single. bmoore (whose nickname is always lowercase in my world, much like e.e. cummings) is currently dating a 21-year-old. He’s 33. There are two other girls that he has his eye on, as well. As a result, he’s alternating between bouts of depression, paranoia and euphoria.

I needed that. Good hustle, bmoore. I reminded him that he’s no longer dating just for him, but he’s dating for himself and a bunch of people that I know. No pressure, bmoore. But don’t let us down.

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  1. Nipsey
    November 18, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    Oh, she’s a keeper. After seeing the photos from Vegas, my longtime associate Jodi promptly sent me the following email:

    “Sweet Jesus! I still can’t believe you pulled it off. WAY out of your league. You better hope and pray to Mary, Joseph and Jesus that she never catches on to the actual severity of your blatant inferiority or you are in big trouble. I mean, she may suspect and have her doubts but I can only IMAGINE the competition that you must be up against on a DAILY basis. I couldn’t IMAGINE! If I were you I could get on a strict ‘get it together’ plan and FAST! Operation ‘do not leave my ass EVER’ has got to go into effect IMMEDIATELY. I mean, stop reading this email….NOW!”

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

    But I digress. The wedding went very well, by which I mean she said “I do” in what I referred to as the “Deal or No Deal” portion of the ceremony. Moments later, my best man Chris let out a Ric Flair “WOOOOOO!” as we “walked that aisle” as man and wife. Now THAT, folks, is the epitome of every little girl’s wedding daydream.

    Speaking of little girls, I am very, VERY pleased by the news of bmoore’s latest exploits. Go figure: I run off to Vegas, but bmoore hits a 21. Well played, bmoore. Well played.

  1. December 16, 2006 at 10:35 pm

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