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UNC-UVa in-game update: Wahoo gives a damn?

Not a long post, but I did watch the first few minutes of the game tonight. To quote the Barenaked Ladies (which I don’t think I’ve ever done), “Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane, but when I’m surrounded I just can’t stop.”

I was curious to see how prepared and involved the Chris Fowler-Kirk Herbstreit-Lee Corso triumverate would be. My answer? Not very.

Fowler kicks it off on the opening drive by going through his notes about UNC’s offense as the UVa offense takes the field. So, you know that he’s just brought his c-minus game – and good for him. Don’t go crazy with only 2,000-3,000 people watching across the country.

A little bit later, Fowler makes the cardinal mistake of screaming “it’s a reverse” when Virginia tries an end-around. Of course, he probably would do that regardless of who was playing. Because he’s Chris Fowler.

My favorite moment just happened after I got the kid settled in for the evening. The TV downstairs was still on the game, and the announcers – bored out of their freakin’ minds – started talking about other events going on in Charlottesville. They showed an auditorium where Itzhak Perlman was in concert.

So what do they do? They play some Perlman violin music as UNC snaps the ball, only to have it called back for a penalty. Fowler throws down this blast: “Let’s just listen to Itzhak Perlman as this masterpiece unfolds in front of us here.” I gotta hand it to him… I was thinking the same thing.

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