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Long time, no post, pt. 2: The well got even drier

OK, I went an entire month without posting anything. Why? Well, I have no good reason, other than I’ve been working like crazy. And since I’m a writer by trade (aka, a content monkey) in the corporate world, that means that I’m writing like crazy for The Man. So,my brain is a little sapped when I get home each night. The blog, then, takes a backseat.

Anyway, I’m hoping that the next few weeks will get back to normal — and Sweet Monkey Pie will get back on track. However, to catch up on things, here’s a recap of the last month:

  • Just got back from Disney World. It was a hoot to watch my four-year-old son become immersed in the Disney universe. Oh, and if you’re every looking for a great time to go to Orlando and do EVERYTHING without waiting in obscene lines, try late September to early October. It’s a Small World ride? 10 minute wait. Mission Space at Epcot? Walked right up. Pirates of the Caribbean? 20 minutes. It was redunkulous.
  • Speaking of Orlando, let me give some more advice to future vacationers… especially the ladies. For the love of God, we know it’s hot in central Florida. But, if you don’t have the body for a tube top… a tank top… short shorts… just leave them AT HOME! You can visualize what I’m talking about. I was just dumbstruck by the outfits that some of these women were wearing…
  • Speaking of dressing appropriately, however, if you’ve got the body for something more revealing – and you’re going to be in that sweltering weather – show it off. I mean, flaunt it. On behalf of all dads who are stuck in a theme park and feigning interest in the trials of Winnie the Pooh, throw us a bone (so to speak).
  • In other news, I DVR’d the first episode of Saturday Night Live since I was in Hotlando. To say that I was a let down by the first episode was an understatement. Couldn’t they do more with Dane Cook and four months to prepare?
  • In the SNL department, I was happy to see that they finally resurrected Bill Hader’s impression of Al Pacino. Having Pacino talking to a customer service rep from Wells Fargo? That was solid. But, why wait a year to bring it back? And why not use Hader as a poor man’s Rich Little? The man is supremely talented, but they keep him on the bench.
  • Speaking of TV, HBO showed both Ray and Walk the Line tonight. It was a great time to switch back and forth, as an earlier post pointed out.
  • Then, Singles came on. And my night is pretty much shot. If you needed to put something from the year 1992 in a time capsule, it’s pretty much this film. Watching it, I’m having waves of nostalgia. It’s like nausea. Just less puking involved.

OK, that should get us all pretty much back on the same page. More posts to come. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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